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10 Simple Ways to Put a Healthy Twist on Your Thanksgiving Recipes – According to Dietitians

Now, we’re just going to share this article, hopefully early enough for you to take advantage of its advice. And note that all of the guidance is given by professional, certified dieticians. It’s not just tips and recipes from some celebrity or Tic Tok-er. We wouldn’t do that. Heartline is, after all, the Fitness & Wellness company. 

What we like about these “twists” is they don’t deprive you of those great comfort flavors and textures that just make Thanksgiving Thanksgiving. It’s subbing out 1/3 of the canned pumpkin puree with a secret ingredient, rather than trying to get you to serve your family some kind of veggie pie for dessert. 

This link takes you to the full list from “Eat This, Don’t Eat That” an independent website from Galvanized Media. We checked them out as best we could and they appear to be a legit, independent outfit trying to get the word out on better eating for better health. 

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