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5 Keys to a Successful Fitness Center Installation

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Alot of thought goes into a successful fitness center delivery and installation, here are the 5 keys….
Like my ole mentor used to say, just click the computer button and it gets done.   Well, unfortunately, fitness center installs involve a little more coordination than just clicking the EASY button.  It all starts with an accurrate fitness center layout.
Key #1: Fitness Center Layout
What do you mean an accurate fitness center layout?    Well, does the layout that the sales rep developed coincide with the way the fitness center turned out?  I.e. are the layouts identical?  Unfortunately, change orders occur during construction, was the sales rep kept in the loop?   Did the fitness equipment company’s logistics manager insure that the layout was accurate prior to delivery?   So, step one, make sure the original layout is consistent with the developer/architect’s final floor plan.  Again, placement of equipment will be dictated based on how the final electrical and cable TV outlets are situated in the room.   All of this must be coordinated and confirmed prior to performing a final installation.
Key #2: Accurate Delivery Survey
Once a fitness center order is approved, it is the responsibility of the equipment contractor to contact the client with a “delivery survey.”    This provides the logistics team with a road map.   Where is the definitive point of entry to the building?   Is there a loading dock?  Are stairs involved?  Does cardboard need to be installed to protect Italian marble floors?  Is there a service elevator?  Etc.   There are a number of key questions that must be asked and answered to insure an efficent and effective fitness center delivery.
Key #3: Electrical and Cable TV Testing
Is the electricity “hot” and ready to go in the fitness center?   What about cable television and CAT6 ethernet outlets?   Without these two elements in place, the equipment contractor will be unable to test the installed equipment.    As a client, you do want to get the equipment on site, however without electricity or CATV in place, the contractor cannot finalize installation, and thus follow-up visits will be required at additional costs.
Key #4: Equipment Pre-Assembly and Testing
From the equipment vendor’s standpoint, it’s best to pre-assemble and test all cardio equipment prior to final installation. The goal is for the equipment to be in 100% working order upon completion–no hiccups. The equipment vendor eliminates the on-site, out-of-box issues by pre-assembling and testing the products prior to delivery.
Key #5: Date of Delivery
For the most part, the fitness industry operates on 4-7 week leadtimes, and thus master delivery schedules are created accordingly.   Obviously, it’s incredibly important for all parties, equipment contractors, construction contractors, and clients, to meet these delivery deadlines.   Once delivery dates are established, an equipment contractor should maintain a weekly dialogue with the client to stay on track and in sync.
For further information and background on the entire fitness center fulfillment process, please don’t hesitate in contacting Heartline Fitness today at 800-262-3348, or by email at [email protected]
By Bob Burgess, President of Heartline Fitness Systems, 8041 Cessna Avenue, Suite 200, Gaithersburg, MD  20879, heartlinefitness.com, 800-262-3348

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