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Activation & Retention

In this 60-minute Webinar, including Q&A, Jeff Dilts and Sonja Friend-Uhl, of Core Health & Fitness and Heartline’s  Jeff Shipman, shared the latest trends in the overall fitness industry plus how multi-family properties can activate their amenity fitness spaces to boost retention of renters and condo and single-family homeowners ROI.

“It’s a different world in fitness now,” Dilts explained. “Fitness apps and virtual fitness have blown up during covid out of both necessity and of opportunity,” he continued. People are starved for exercise, missing their regular workouts that were no longer available to them.

Expectations are extremely high now. And when looking at apartments, condos or single-family homes that provide fitness amenities they want the same experience they see at the commercial membership gyms and more. As Jeff Shipman put it, “good is not good enough anymore; and great isn’t great enough. You need to offer an exceptional fitness experience for consumers.”

Watch the recorded webinar below to hear about all the trends and considerations on how amenity fitness centers are being activated to increase user retention.

Activation & Retention Webinar
Activation & Retention Webinar

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