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Aquatics and Wellness in Multi-Family Developments

Aquatic centers and wellness

Multi-Family Aquatic Centers Activate Wellness

Staying active with your family and new friends at your multi-family residence increases the sense of community and safety. Designed thoughtfully, your amazing new aquatic center keeps tenants and building managers highly satisfied.  Lap swims, kiddie pools, spray pads as well as fitness programming in apartment complexes and other multi-family venues generate nourishing, wholesome environments where you play and stay at home.
Designed and executed properly, your new (or refurbished) amenity aquatics and fitness spaces provide the ultimate place to unwind, de-stress, find friends and improve overall lifestyle.
While swimming pools are natural magnets for happy children, residents are also looking for adult-only aquatic facilities, for serious lap swimmers and mature populations. Imagine your own warm-water facility pools, maintained at temperatures recommended by the Arthritis Foundation, ideal for tenants suffering from chronic pain or joint diseases.
Many smaller or adult-only saltwater pools are especially suitable for knee and hip replacement therapy.

De-stress at the Residential Aquatic Center

Together with our partner American Pool Enterprises, Heartline Fitness now provides underwater treadmills, bikes and strength tools to activate your aquatic centers, as well as additional value-add services as part of the company’s overall amenity site assessments:

  • Aquatic rehab chairs and equipment
  • 50-100 meter competition pools
  • 25-meter residential pools
  • Lifeguard training and staffing
  • Water Polo and activity pools
  • Water slides and diving boards
  • Lazy river rides
  • Underwater biking and running programs
  • Flotation strength tools, noodles, etc.

Activate Your Pool and Wellness Amenities

Find the inspiration to transform your body, your mind and your business with Heartline Fitness Systems. Heartline also supplies aquatic spa and wellness amenities for the hospitality industry.  Ask about our wet-room spas and state-of-the-art ion- and aquatic-massage tables too! Wellness is here to stay and is one of the fastest growing segments of Health Club and New Building Development.

Big Business Behind Aquatic Amenities

“Think through optimizing strategies for aquatic facility return on investment,” says Ben Basch, vice president of American Pool Enterprises.   “A well maintained and safe pool will sell itself to prospective residents, but if you really want to stand out from the building next door it’s critical to activate your amenity with the latest in pool exercise equipment and programming options.” “It’s a win-win as residents appreciate the additional effort and future residents can visualize themselves and their families joining in and participating in a healthier, more active lifestyle,” says Basch.
“Ultimately, our approach to the amenity space is to enhance and engage the customer experience and elevate the entire lifestyle of the community whether in the pool or fitness and wellness center!” “This is our promise!” says Bob Burgess, president of Heartline Fitness Systems.
Ask Heartline Fitness about our free fitness facility site assessment and let us help you amplify the use of your aquatic and wellness amenities, increasing resident satisfaction and retention for your community or commercial amenities space.

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