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AtmosAir the Science and the Benefits of this Air Purification Technology

The latest testing of Heartline partner AtmosAir, Sept. 11, 2020 shows that it is just as effective on porous surfaces, fabric specifically, as it is in eliminating the coronavirus as it is on hard surfaces and in the air. It is described as a significant result in that the reduction was 99.44% in only 15 minutes. Also, the test carrier, a fabric mask, was subjected to organic soil (as a mask might come in contact with dirt, etc.), making it more difficult to sterilize, but it still showed a strong reduction of over 99%.

On June 9, 2020 AtmosAir’s patented Bi-Polar Ionization (BPI) HVAC technology tests 99.9% effective in neutralizing coronavirus. This testing was on hard surfaces and in the air. All of this further validates how beneficial the active continuous disinfection of AtmosAir bipolar ionization can be to neutralize Coronavirus. Unlike many unverified products, AtmosAir is backed by science.

Facility directors and property managers are hearing from a lot of companies pushing new and old technology right now and it can be hard to determine what works and what doesn’t. So let’s talk about the science behind AtmosAir. Technically AtmosAir’s bi-polar ionization inactivates viruses vs. “killing” them. The end result is the same. They can no longer infect anyone and make them sick. To accomplish this, the AtmosAir unit – installed in your current system, proactively injects bipolar ions into the space, thereby working to disinfect the air in the space continuously, as opposed to requiring the air to recirculate through the return of the HVAC. For a better understanding of bi-polar ionization view this short video below. We promise, it is in plain-English, plus it explains why the treatment of indoor air is so vital to a healthy environment.

AtmosAir Solutions - Gensler Graphic Design
AtmosAir Solutions – Gensler Graphic Design

AtmosAir is scalable. We can do a single room, such as a fitness space, or an entire building. We even have freestanding self-contained units for our clients without a central HVAC system. And the technology is surprisingly affordable, costing less than a treadmill for a typical multifamily fitness center and yet it can be an essential part of re-activating the entire gym. Contact Heartline for an assessment of your space and airflow system and a quote for the installation of AtmosAir, but think in terms of $1/sq ft at spaces of approximately 5,000 sq/ft or less.

And there’s more to it than the major benefit of virus protection. It has more benefits that will continue to be relevant long after there is a vaccine and/or treatment for Covid-19. These include: reduced bacteria and viruses; reduced VOCs; reduced dust and particles in the air; reduced odors; reduced mold; improved energy conservation.

AtmosAir has been providing this technology since 2008. They currently have over 7.5 million systems installed accounting for 7+ million square feet of indoor space. Many are huge facilities like US Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings, Apples corporate offices in Culver City, CA., Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Regal Princess cruise ship. Other more moderately sized facilities include: Tower 45, modern, Class A office building in mid-town Manhattan; Brookfield Properties office in NYC; CBRE offices in Shanghai, China; the Old Post Office building (offices) in Chicago; hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country and around the world.

So why has Heartline Fitness gotten into the air purification business? Let’s hear from Dan Heubner, the Technical Sales Director at Heartline. It’s his job to integrate AtmosAir into their product line. “AtmosAir is part of our toolkit to help our clients re-activate their fitness centers safely during these times. But in the bigger picture, we are first and foremost a fitness and wellness company. So, it really makes sense. What’s more important to our fitness and our wellness that breathing clean air.”

Contact Dan Heubner directly with any questions or to get a quote on having Atmos installed in your fitness center, your clubhouse, leasing office or any facility. [email protected].

We’re providing a few links below if you’d like to explore AtmosAir’s case studies, test results and more.

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