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Soothe Stress, Empower Your Body

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Optimize Your Wellness Amenities Enhance your fitness center, training studio or active exercise area with modern wellness amenities that empower your mind, your body and your bottom line. It may be the perfect time for a major fitness renovation and incorporating wellness solutions at your fitness center, destination spa or training facilities.  Amenity fitness centers

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Michigan Should Make Fitness a Priority

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Guest commentary by Dr. John Kilbourne makes a strong case for making child obesity a major platform for Michigan and Michigan’s governor Rick Snyder. The numbers continue to be mind boggling. Shortly after Rick Snyder was elected governor of Michigan, I had a guest column published in The Grand Rapids Press; “Rick Snyder’s biggest challenge is

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Big Fat Lies

Snowboarder gets air

A surprising new approach to loosing weight and keeping it off, and riding longer and stronger than ever. ONE OF THE LONG-ENDURING TRADITIONS at bike events of all stripes is the pasta dinner the evening before the big ride. After all, who doesn’t believe in the hearty, turbo-fueling quality of a whopping plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce? As

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