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Creating a Connected Community Around Fitness

You can find online/virtual classes for any kind of exercise you’re interested in; for any body area you want to tone and/or strengthen; for flexibility; for endurance; and so much more. Add on the wellness classes, like meditation, mindfulness, yoga (which could go in either category), breath work and dozens of other areas of wellness 

One brand puts the virtual in virtual fitness and it’s a game-changer. That’s Expresso. Their bike rides/workouts are gamified. It looks and feels and plays just a real video game experience. One game is Chasing Dragons. You pedal faster and collect coins. Maneuver a sharp turn and catch up to and kill a fire-breathing dragon and get more coins. Those coins and other tokens add up to points and your name (or alias) goes up on their leader board – of just people in your community or Echelon’s whole network from around the world. 

Another brand Echelon Fitness focuses on heightened reality. Echelon’s Reflect mirror is a chance for both one-on-one instruction (and motivation) with live sessions and for individual workouts – or the individual may workout with a whole class of people online. The programming here ranges from boxing to high-intensity cardio to yoga to calisthenics and more. And the company’s rowing machine takes you on trips through waterways around the world and to swamps, Icey polar waters, rushing rapids and other types of moving water. It’s a workout for sure, but the video is stunning so it’s a bit of a treat at the same time. Makes you forget the burn in your legs so you can pull just a few more time. 

But for the traditional online workout classes, your best solution is one program that has something for everyone at an affordable subscription price for your whole community. That program is WELLBEATS. (This is a new and improved version of Wellbeats with a new price structure.) 

A leader in virtual programing in the fitness amenity space, Wellbeats has re-structured its content offering  to allow Multi-Family Properties to share one subscription with your entire community for one price.  Yes, that’s one price to give access to all of that programming to all your residents. 

You broadcast Wellbeat’s content, classes, etc. to the TVs in your fitness space and other common areas and at the same time give all of your residents the Wellbeats app – at no extra fee for them or you – so they can use it on their devices. You can make it available to all residents, to only those who request it, to only those who’ve been living there for 2+ years, however you want to offer it works. And right now, Heartline and Wellbeats have teamed up to offer M-F properties a special low subscription price that allows for all of that. Contact us at i[email protected]

32 channels include classes for every age, including kids and seniors, every ability level, every interest and every environment. Classes range from tutorial to  basic to advanced and run from one-minute to 60 minutes. 

Among their offerings is a library of goal-based challenges as well as Fitness Assessments that can get someone started and then able to measure their progress as they like. For more details, Download Wellbeats Info Sheets. 

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