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Creating that “Wow-Factor” in
Your Fitness Amenity Spaces

This is the first is a new series of Fitness Trends Reports that will appear in this newsletter six times per year. In them you’ll get a quick take from some of our fitness and wellness experts will share the trends they are seeing in fitness, in amenity fitness spaces, in gyms and community centers, in fitness in general as well as new and exciting equipment and workout routines.

This issue’s comes from Heartline’s Florida Territory Manager, Kelly Spivey. Her contact info is at the end of the story; if you have questions feel free to contact her directly.

If there’s nothing special or unique about your current Fitness Center, there are options that will add a “wow-factor” to your existing fitness space. Here are 3 options that will cost less than $2,500, but all offer high-impact effects.

  1. One of my favorites is a Tire Flip. Most people understand what a “tire flip” exercise looks like, but this particular apparatus is not only more hygienic than bringing a typical truck tire indoors but it’s also much more versatile.

If there is no room in your existing space, some properties are covering  an underused outdoor space and putting down some turf. (Please do not leave even this seemingly rugged piece in direct contact with rain, wind, sun, snow.) An entire functional training area can be built around this one piece.

I’ve put a tire-flip in several new fitness spaces I’m designing, and my clients are excited to offer it to their future residents.

This two-minute video highlights some really great training ideas on the Tire Flip 180. TireFlip 180 – Training Tips – YouTube

  • If the residents of your property are not the tire-flipping-sort but are always looking for a different way to work their  core, one option is the“Ab Solo Core in 4” machine. Check it out in this video. With bull’s eye attachments you throw different weighted medicine balls at as you do the “sit ups” to hurl them at the target.
  • This last one doesn’t require hardly any floor space at all. I’m sure you’ve seen residents using their phone or tablet for exercise ideas or routines. A better option is providing on-demand programming with a 50 inch “mirror”, the Reflect by Echelon. Your residents will have access to hundreds of exercise routines ranging from Zumba to Yoga, Bootcamp to Core and Abs. With a touch of a finger, the resident logs in, selects their work out of the day, and in seconds, a virtual trainer appears. Then the fun begins. If your residents aren’t asking for virtual training options yet, trust me, they will. See how it works – Echelon Reflect – YouTube

These are just three of many unique options that will set you apart from the community down the street. And you’ll  notice, these videos are not product videos but programming videos meant to show you how they work. These can be shared with your residents so they can get the most out of their fitness equipment and accessories.

I’m always looking for new and different ways to support my clients’ efforts to “Activate” their Amenity Fitness Spaces. Activating just means getting the most out of the fitness center. ROI. It’s simple, but you need to give people a reason to come back. A way to show them that you are on top of the trends – not the fads, but where fitness is going.

For other Wow-Factor ideas, reach out to your local Heartline representative.

It will help bring people back to your amenities, help them stay motivated in their workouts. Give them something to talk about in your fitness center and they’ll keep coming back.

— Kelly Spivey, etc. [email protected] | (813) 410-4413

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