Customer Service Needs to Be Faster

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Quicker reaction times matter when it comes to repair and maintenance

Providing automated Artificial Intelligence,  mobile APPs and short how-to videos all help produce quicker answers to customer queries, time after time.

Here’s one scenario: A new, motivated client contacts your customer service department via email with a simple question.

Your customer expects an answer, a prompt call back or at a minimum, a response driven by Artificial Intelligence that answers the question or promises a reply by the Service Department before the end of the day.

Just how prompt does your initial reply need to be? According to a recent study conducted by Forrester Research:

— 41% of customers (consumers) expect at least an email response within six hours

Six hours! The survey further reports that only 20% of small companies respond to customers’ queries.

Quick Reaction Times Boost a Bottom Line

In the digital age, acceptable email response time, according to most experts, is within 24 hours of the initial communication by the customer. Does your response-time align with this rate?

In today’s hyper world, speed is a competitive strategy. Exceeding customer expectations with a response in 1-5 hours will give you a leg up in the market place.

Timely business responses will:

Build customer trust

Boost credibility and professionalism

Improve client performance

According to trend watchers at, making an immediate return contact after the initial inquiry is paramount. Shopify uses QRCs (Quick Reference Card; see link for sample) to assist customer service reps in making substantive responses to customer queries quickly.

You must let respondents know as soon as possible that you have heard them, and you are listening, Shopify believes. A simple text saying “We will be responding to you soon” goes a long, long way toward customer satisfaction, according to their leadership team.

Timely Response Equipment Issues

It’s safe to say that the fitness industry continues to be plagued by inconsistent service response times.

Responding to customers’ online queries and feedback is but one part of the equation in retaining customers. “They have called you for a solution to a problem they are dealing with in real time. They want the issue to be solved, to hand it off and know it will be taken care of. Done and done,” says Bob Burgess, CEO of Heartline Fitness Systems. He says, “Amazon has set the customer service bar high by automating service communications. We strive for this level of service excellence.”

When Something Breaks, Who Has Time to Wait?

Heartline Fitness’ clients demand a clean, safe and reliable experience for their residents/owners/members when it comes to their fitness facilities. In turn, Heartline guarantees a 24-hour service team response and a 48-72-hour technician visit. To do this, we maintain a team of 28 seasoned certified technicians in our expansive Maine to Miami footprint.

We also offer comprehensive maintenance and site assessment services to assure that a client’s fitness amenities are well maintained and fit for use. “At Heartline, we strive to ensure our clients’ peace of mind,” says Jeff Shipman, President of Heartline Technical Services.

In certain cases, we’ll even remove, or rearrange your existing, or old, equipment to make room for your new machines and give the space a flow that moves users optimally through a workout. Tell us about your experiences with our quick turnarounds and reaction times to your health club installations.