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Dan Huebner – Press Release

Heartline Fitness Increasing AtmosAir and Disinfection Focus

Rockville, MD, September 1, 2020 — Heartline is pleased to announce that Dan Huebner (Frederick, MD), with over two decades experience designing and equipping fitness facilities,  is now on board to oversee the Heartline Technical Services Division as Technical Sales Director.

During this time of pandemic with physical distancing and hyper-hygiene, Heartline is stretching its muscles into the advanced technologies needed to help our clients and end users enjoy the fitness amenity and attract residents back into the fitness center with confidence. Heartline goes the distance to maintain the highest quality of disinfection, and air purification through it’s three step process to reopen and keep gyms open safely,” say Heartline CEO and President Jeff Shipman. “And Dan Huebner is going to elevate the experience even further from a position of safety, health, and wellbeing.”

“The landscape of fitness amenity space is changing – and we’re changing too,” exclaims Shipman, “with our HL Beat Customer Portal app, we’re making it easy and transparent to do business with Heartline. Our Disinfect & Protect service is insured and certified by the IICRC, and our partnership with AtmosAir is just the start to new normal processes. Dan is an asset to the company’s value position and continued client loyalty,” he adds.

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