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Disinfect & Protect Webinar Series #6 (Wellbeing)

In this webinar, we focus on WELLBEING and cover real data on the popularity and increase in demand for wellness. You will also gain an access code for a complimentary trial of the 3 Sages app.

The webinar features presentations and Q&A from 3 Sages executives and Lifestyle program expert Michelle Kithcart as to Why, How and What we are doing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The common theme is we must Do-More to educate and provide wellness or as 3 Sages calls it “Sips of Wellness”. Join our panelist, Greg Commins (CEO, 3 Sages), Justin Campbell (CGO 3 Sages), and Michelle Kithcart (Director of Lifestyle Programming, FirstService Residential) as they discuss these and other important factors in staying healthy and well during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

Download the 3 Sage app and use the complimentary code (heartline) and take the “Sips of Wellness” challenge, it’s 3 weeks and only 3 hours of your time. We promise you will feel a difference mentally and physically. Click here to download the challenge calendar.

D & P Webinar #6 Wellness
D & P Webinar #6 Wellness
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