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Disinfect & Protect Webinar Series #7 (HL Beat)

Our final webinar in the disinfect and protect webinar series launches a game-changing capability for Heartline Fitness. Critical to a company is how well you communicate and how efficient and convenient you make conducting business with your clients. Heartline’s vision and brand promise are to increase our client’s business performance while elevating their overall experience.

Welcome to the “HL Beat” app that allows our clients to not only conduct business with Heartline faster and more effectively but puts valuable asset management capabilities right in the palm of your hand. On-boarding starts on June 15th, 2020 and you can contact us a [email protected] to get started. This app is complimentary to all of Heartline’s customers and we are very excited for all you to experience the “NEW NORM” that is not related to COVID-19! Click here to download the slides.

D&P Webinar #7 HL Beat
D&P Webinar #7 HL Beat
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