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Don't Forget About Your Fitness Center Floor!

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Don’t Forget About Your Fitness Center Floor!

Whether you’re building, redesigning or just upgrading your fitness facility, keep in mind the importance of flooring when choosing your equipment, entertainment, and locker rooms. Flooring not only performs a functional use, but is fastly becoming an integral part of the facility’s overall aesthetics.
The good news is current rubber and vinyl flooring options have exploded with new colors, color combinations, designs, logos and more. Ten years ago, there simply wasn’t enough rubber colors to choose from. There was black, and then another black, and then maybe black with a spritz of gray. That’s about it. However, all of that has changed. Today, there are enough rubber and vinyl color and pattern choices to match any room design.
EverLast ® rubber flooring and Tarkett ® vinyl products maintain excellent values for cardio and multi-purpose areas, while rubber flooring is still the workhorse for free-weight and strength training rooms. These products are easy to install and even easier to maintain. In addition, the varieties of available colors now make it easy to complement school colors and logos, current upholstery and wall colors. “When a new or prospective member or tenant walks in, the right floor does make a statement, and enhances the overall WOW factor of the club,” says Jason Malecki, Heartline’s Mid-Atlantic sales manager.
When choosing fitness center floors, most of Heartline’s customers continue to gravitate to durability and value. Here again, the rolled rubber flooring products are typically less expensive and more durable than either carpet, tile or vinyl products. While these options have appeal, carpet tends to stain, snag and promote bacteria development.
In the future, don’t forget to plan and budget your flooring requirements early in the planning process. Best of luck!

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