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The Edgewater at Barefoot

Case Study by Crystal Capone

  • Star Trac S-TRc treadmill
  • Star Trac S-CTx cross trainer
  • Star Trac S-RBx recumbent bike
  • Nautilus Instinct cable machines

A Second Life By The Beach

When you think of vacation, North Myrtle Beach is a household name. But just like the sands beneath the tide of the Atlantic, that landscape is quickly changing.

“There’s been a dramatic shift in most communities down here,” says Beth Colón, the Property Manager for the Edgewater Condominium Association. “I’d say about 40 percent of residents are living here full-time. Another 30 percent, this is their second home and they do not rent.”

I met Beth at a trade show three to four years ago. A few years and a new position later makes a big difference. She’s now at Edgewater, a FirstService Residential property, and the gym was nearly two decades old with no significant changes made to the floor plan or the equipment. 

As the purpose for these condos changes, so do the amenity needs for their residents. While North Myrtle Beach transitions from vacation getaway to a primary residence, people are looking for a more robust lifestyle. Sure, there’s the beach, but what else is there for you to do?

Trying before buying

Overcoming the vendor competition for Edgewater was no small task. Two other vendors, one of which was the current contact, were also vying for the contract. But when so many sales reps in the fitness industry choose to talk about their highlights, I opted for a more hands-on approach.

It just so happened that another colleague of mine, the talented Bob Burgess, had just completed an installation at a different property in Myrtle Beach. The equipment was spot-on for the budget and the demographic. So I told Beth and her team we were going to take a field trip, and to bring comfortable shoes.

“It’s one thing to look at a picture and say, ‘I want that,’ ” Colón says, “but it’s another thing to get on the equipment and try it out for yourself.”

That sealed the deal.

Building It Out

The average resident age at Edgewater is about 65 years old. That’s critical to take into account when special needs come into play for a particular demographic. 

“We wouldn’t put in an extreme rock climbing wall, that’s for sure,” Colón says. 

And she’s certainly correct. But it’s not just enough to get the right equipment. We also had to think about spacing and flow. The previous incarnation of Edgewater’s fitness center was lined wall-to-wall with big multi-functional pieces. It was too crowded; replicating that approach could have meant more accidents and trip hazards … not exactly the right approach for a market of retirees in their golden years.

Every way I spun it, a multi-gym wouldn’t work. But taking apart those components made much more sense for the space involved. So to meet in the middle, we included a Nautilus Instinct cable tower and leg extension machine to meet multiple strength demands.

Edgewater at Barefoot Resort's Nautilus cable tower

We chose a middle-tier cardio line, not because of budget, but because the deck was thicker with more cushion. The Star Trac S-TRc treadmills have Soft Trac technology, which is a neoprene triple cushion that absorbs shock throughout the whole deck.

The Edgewater at Barefoot Resort's line of Star Trac cardio machines

The recumbent bike has a “walk through” seat where people don’t have to climb over a bar to get onto the product. This is good for a senior population because it eliminates a trip hazard.

The Edgewater at Barefoot's recumbent bike setup, complete with a "walk through" seat for easy access.

What Our Client Thinks About The Final Result

“Crystal was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her follow-up and follow-through was impeccable. Her response to needs and recommendations really fit our target demographic. She just worked harder than everyone else, and offered so much more than the other competitors. I remember how we were trying to decide which color flooring to use, and she got us samples of each color. Nobody else did that, but she did.”

Beth Colón
Property Manager, Edgewater Condominium Association

“Our condominium association was seeking bids to update fitness equipment in our gym. We met with Crystal and were impressed from the onset. She was very helpful in designing the layout for our gym and provided several architectural quality plans for the gym. She made arrangements for us to view and test the fitness equipment at another gym and answered all of our questions. We could not be happier with our dealings with Crystal and would not hesitate to refer her to anyone in need of fitness equipment.”

Harry Simonini

Wrapping It Up

Thanks to a great partnership with Edgewater, bringing ample space to a small room doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. And the equipment itself doesn’t have to be fancy or trendy, just functional and for the right people.

And when you’re all out of ideas, put on your sneakers and try before you buy.

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