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“Everyone into the Pool!”
But First Safety and Maintenance

Finally, it is SUMMER! And even though we’re not one hundred percent done with covid and pandemic restrictions, things are getting better. Vacations are going to happen. And pools are going to open! It’s just a couple of weeks past Memorial Day, so many are already open. But it’s never too late to check that you’ve got everything in order for both  safety and maintenance.

First, as always, is safety. According to the National Safety Council, about 10 people drown in the United States every day (not including boating accidents). Every pool, whether with a lifeguard on duty or not, must have more than one UCG-approved flotation device — such as ring or rescue buoys — ready and visibly available should they be needed.

Spotting a potential drowning swimmer is trickier than you may thing. In reality, there is rarely any visible warning that someone is drowning. It doesn’t always happen like it does in the movies with all the splashing around and yelling. (Hollywood does that to make for even more drama.) Take a few minutes to review a great checklist put up by American Pool on what to look for and what to do in the event of a suspected drowning or when someone is compromised in the water. (Link to American Pool’s Blog.)

Managing Your Pool Hasn’t Gotten Any Easier

There are also fresh challenges emerging in the maintenance and running of your amenity pool. Many are due to increased hygiene standards and new regulations in place and being considered by federal and local authorities. (Plus, if you didn’t open in 2020 due to the pandemic, you’re probably facing two seasons of pool repair work now. )

Imagine a pool that takes care of itself. Aquatics Vision is a unique program designed to provide around the clock protection by automating pool functions and providing an accurate historical log of water chemistry. 24/7/365, Aquatics Vision is a new program for continually monitoring and adjusting your pool’s chemistry. It is like having a dedicated team of on-site pool technicians attending to the pool 24 hours a day.

Peace of mind has no price tag. That’s why it’s never been more important to ensure the health and safety of your residents and their guests at your pool. As local health codes become more stringent and consumers demand more transparency in their safety and well-being, American Pool can provide round-the-clock certainty that your pool is always safe to use. Aquatics Vision is the only smart pool program backed with 24/7 monitoring and emergency maintenance. And that’s why we’re so excited to share that program with you today. For more of what you can expect from Aquatics Vision, go to https://aquaticsvision.com/.

In addition to Aquatics Vision, American Pool offers all the professional services you need for a commercial multi-family pool. Plus, visit their blog for lots of free consultive information on the wide range of topics related to pool management. https://americanpool.com/blog/

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