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Fit & Single on Valentine’s Day? Here’s a Plan Just for You

If you didn’t know, there is an unofficial holiday ostensibly created by single people, called Singles Awareness Day or Singles Appreciation Day . Wikipedia says it’s celebrated on February 15, but some will stick to the traditional Feb. 14th date.

Wikipedia goes on to define it as “a complement to Valentine’s Day for people who are single, that is, not married or in a romantic relationship.” So, with that out of the way, what can you do to celebrate your fitness on this holiday? Well, anything you want, is the answer. You don’t have to cater your activity to another person’s wants, needs or physical capabilities. But we came up with 5 workouts for you to choose from — so you can get on with celebrating YOUR holiday.

  1. 20 Min AMRAP Push, Pull, Squat – targets all the major muscle groups and really maximizes calorie burn. LINKJ
  2. Chest Opener – targets muscles that are sore from sitting all day at a computer or bad sleep positions. Easy-to-follow I.Y.T.W.W. series of movements opens up the chest area for a great general stretching too.
  3. Quarantine Body-Weight Work Out –for those stuck at home with no fitness equipment, this is a little bit of both cardio and strength training.
  4. Mindful Meditation – remember fitness is just a path to overall wellness. Try some easy meditation. It’s just a simple breathing technique. Get the details.
  5. All Body-Weight Work Out – a simple but highly-effective, all body-weight (no equipment needed) workout suited for newbies all the way to fitness fanatics.

Get more details, diagrams and some videos for these workouts from Heartline’s W.O.W. fitness program. A new work out is released every Monday. Click here to be redirected to Work Out of the Week.

And if you want to see the humor in “single gym rats on Valentine’s Day” – check out this website for 8 memes that are good for a chuckle.

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