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Information, particularly useful and insightful content has always been king in business. Historically, industry players have hoarded market and product information, today that’s simply not possible, nor is it advisable from a business standpoint. At Heartline, we continue to develop efficient ways to keep clients apprised of the latest industry news, product/fitness videos, fitness and wellness articles, maintenance FAQs, and more. But, aggregating this information and determining efficient delivery methods hasn’t been easy, i.e. Company Website, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc. Finally, in cooperation with our partner, soOlis, we’re starting to develop a primary content platform…welcome to Heartline’s Learning Center. Initially, we’re pulling content from WebMD on a daily basis, however, in the weeks and months ahead, we will develop new sections like: Fitness & Wellness (including videos), FAQs, Fitness Center Service & Maintenance, Product Videos (including new product videos and “how to” videos….videos that can be used to help train staff members, club members and tenants), Amenity Fitness Center Development, and much more. At Heartline, it is our goal to serve you in the best way we can and obviously, provide you with the content necessary to manage your business efficiently and effectively. Let us hear from you on what other sections we can bring your way in the future!