Good Stretch? Bad Stretch?

Ladies Doing Yoga

How to decide which stretch is right for you. I often get asked…”Is this stretch a good stretch?” Choosing the right stretching exercise for your specific needs isn’t always easy.And worse still; choosing the wrong stretch could lead to injury and permanent muscle damage.So… Are there only good stretches and bad stretches? And if so, how do

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5 Keys To Fitness Center Risk Management

carpeted flooring with gym equipment strategically placed throughout

Here are the five keys to Fitness Center risk management and ways to improve your fitness facility’s risk profile: Insure fitness center safety by implementing a regular preventive maintenance (PM) program through your in-house maintenance department or with a third party fitness equipment repair provider. An example of a fitness center PM would include the

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Product Entertainment News

home page for the netpulse website

NetpulseOne…Personalized Entertainment Platform Netpulse, the pioneers of networked fitness, deliver a personalized entertainment and workout tracking platform for exercisers and a powerful business tool for fitness center owners. NetpulseOne is an interactive media platform that provides an exciting, dynamic selection of On Demand content for exercisers to enjoy during their workouts on a wide range

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Cardozo High School

double core rack system custom built

When the 2013/2014 school year kicks off, faculty and students at Cardozo Educational Campus will enjoy newly renovated classrooms, gymnasiums, and athletic fields.  Ms. Emma Brown of the Washington Post said, “Gone is the crumbling interior, with dingy halls and windows that were stuck shut. Teachers hope that the new building, with its broad corridors,

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J.R. Tucker HS

open floor gym with weight benches in the center of the room

With school pressures mounting across the country to promote a healthier and more active student population, Henrico County (Richmond, Virginia) officials decided to step up and meet the challenge.    A major component of this process involved upgrading the tools to create an environment of change.   First up, J.R. Tucker High School.  Mission…facelift a “weight room”

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Landon School

white columns holding up room with workout equipment scattered

Heartline began working with The Landon School and with Marty Klingelhofer, Landon’s Strength & Conditioning Coach, in 1986 on Landon’s original weight room, and was re-united for the planning and design of the NEW Freeman Center in 2005. Heartline and Coach Klingelhofer worked extensively to design a facility that met the Freeman Foundation’s vision of

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Shady Grove Adventist Hospital

cycle and rowing machines and treadmills in small gym area

Shady Grove Adventist Hospital is a 293-bed acute care facility located in Rockville, MD. Opened in 1979, the hospital has since added a new four story patient tower, including private rooms – 48 for new moms and their babies – and a high tech surgery department for inpatients and outpatients. Shady Grove Adventist Hospital is

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Introduction to Strength Training

Deep Run HS weight room

If you’re serious about strength training and understanding modern performance training principles, start by reading this article by Greg Werner.   For twenty plus years, Greg has been the Director of Strength and Conditioning of Olympic Sports at James Madison University.  Coach Werner knows his stuff! Performance Principles Scientific research has confirmed that the following principles,

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Big Fat Lies

Snowboarder gets air

A surprising new approach to loosing weight and keeping it off, and riding longer and stronger than ever. ONE OF THE LONG-ENDURING TRADITIONS at bike events of all stripes is the pasta dinner the evening before the big ride. After all, who doesn’t believe in the hearty, turbo-fueling quality of a whopping plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce? As

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The Three Pillars of Fitness

Volleyball Player spikes ball

Excellent article by Dr. Mercola, from his Peak Fitness blog, where exercise is just like medicine and is sometimes best “taken as prescribed” to optimize your health.   Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, the workout “prescription” below covers the most important variables to keep in mind when creating and performing your fitness program and

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