Amenity Fitness Centers – Safety Guidelines

orange gym facility with cardio machines

Due to rising liability and lawsuit concerns, the fitness industry continues to step up its focus and educational efforts on overall fitness center design and equipment safety. This is particularly acute in amenity fitness centers that are unsupervised. The following are general guidelines to use in providing preventive maintenance for an apartment and/or condominium fitness… Read more »

Exercise Benefits of Incline Training

Heartline incline treadmill

Applying Exercise Science to Enhance Training Effectiveness on the FreeMotion Fitness™ Incline Trainer The human body functions through the creation of energy in 3 primary energy systems. Each system utilizes different energy substrates, produces energy at different rates, and enables different physical activities. All three systems (ATP-PCr, Glycolytic, and Oxidative) function at the same time;… Read more »

Safety Issues Under Scrutiny in High School Weight Training

High school weight room

Excellent article by Greg Rosenstein, USA Today, as it relates to high school weight room safety and strength coach certification. Given the significant shift to Olympic lifting in high school facilities over the past fifteen years, the attention to safety and certification is required more than ever. When Boyd Epley walks into a high school… Read more »

DRES Ward 6 Senior Wellness Center

exercise equipment on wooden flooring with mirrors

SITUATION: When running for Mayor of Washington DC, one of Adrian Fenty’s promises was to improve living for the over 100,000 seniors living in the city. Since 2010, the city has opened a number of senior community centers.  Thanks to the funding efforts the Department of Real Estate Services (DRES), Ward 6 is happy to celebrate the… Read more »

Get Fit: What Does it Mean to be In Shape?

Volleyball player hits the ball

A terrific article by Emily Sohn of Discovery News pointing out that there are five key areas to consider when you are trying to get fit and they aren’t necessarily focused on losing weight. It’s a new year, time to get out and get fit! As we move into another year, many people plan to… Read more »

Star Trac eSpinner

Star Trac takes Spinning(R) to the next level, by integrating spinning, group exercise, and entertainment into a one-on-one, personal experience. From the moment your users climb aboard the eSpinner®, it’s obvious that they’re in for an experience they’ve never felt before on the cardio floor. It all begins with the state-of-the-art, embedded touch screen computer…. Read more »

Michigan Should Make Fitness a Priority

Group of people piggyback

Guest commentary by Dr. John Kilbourne makes a strong case for making child obesity a major platform for Michigan and Michigan’s governor Rick Snyder. The numbers continue to be mind boggling. Shortly after Rick Snyder was elected governor of Michigan, I had a guest column published in The Grand Rapids Press; “Rick Snyder’s biggest challenge is… Read more »

Clark Flats at Atlas

gymnasium with sun casting shadows in the room

Latest fitness center project for Clark Residential. Established in 1992, Clark Realty has been a trendsetter in the real estate market demonstrating ability to identify new opportunities and implement a creative vision.  Clark’s newest project, Flats of Atlas is a multi-family luxury apartment community nestled in the Northeast quadrant of Washington DC. The Flats represents an… Read more »

Fitness Center Challenges – Cable TV Integration

big gym with orange accents and a variety of machines

Fitness Center Challenges – Cable TV Integration The flow of entertainment into the fitness center continues to present challenges. The fitness center’s cardio equipment with integrated personal screen TVs were operating beautifully prior to the federal government’s conversion to the digital standard.   Now, not so much.   However, there are a variety of solutions now being offered… Read more »