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FREE After-School Activities “Binder” for Kids

As a partner to the top fitness equipment manufacturers, we get A LOT of materials on all things fitness. One that peaked our interest this month, from Prism Fitness, has a nice, concise piece on starting or re-starting a new fitness routine in the fall (Click Here). Nice, easy tips – reminders really – on how to do it without overdoing it.

Plus, they’ve got a FREE after-School Activities “Binder” for kids. There’s a lot in there including 100 days of activity ideas. We were pleasantly surprised when we saw this at the bottom of the article. Check it out and share it with your community.

BONUS: When you scroll down a little further there’s a video showing you how to correctly use a foam roller after a workout. Click Here.

Check out Prism’s Self-Guided workout must-haves while you’re on their website. Or come to Heartline’s eStore for some of their products as well.

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