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Functional Fitness Training Areas Entice New Users


Core Training and Functional Fitness

Functional core training areas of your multi-family fitness space can attract and “sell” people on your facility in record time.
The big buzzwords of the last decade “functional fitness training” mean many things to many people.
Functional exercises, in fact, use multiple joints and numerous muscles. Instead of only moving your elbows for biceps curls, for instance, a functional exercise might involve the elbows, shoulders, spine, hips, knees and ankles. (For example, two of the most popular functional training exercises that target multiple muscles groups and core strength are push-ups and weighted squats.)

Attracting a Novice Exerciser  

Designing attractive stretching and core fitness areas in your multi-family fitness space or any commercial gym or college or school gym, is vital for attracting new members and customers. Keep in mind, functional fitness exercises can be adapted at home or at the gym on many different pieces of strength or cardio equipment.
Gyms also offer functional fitness classes or incorporate functional fitness into boot camps or other types of classes. Some examples of fitness programing and functional-focused cardio workouts (or machines) may include:

  • Abs and Back group fitness
  • PiYo and Tai Chi programming
  • Rowers and cross-country skiers

Functional Training Mimics Real Movements

This type of training, properly applied, can make everyday activities easier, reduce your risk of injury and improve your quality of life, according to studies from The Mayo Clinic.
Samples of functional equipment and core training accessories that add value and functionality to your stretching areas in a gym or fitness space may include any of these toning tools:
– Bosu Balls and balance boards
– Aquatic strength training machines
– Pilates reformer
– Kettle bells
– Resistance bands and balls
Personal trainers also specialize in functional training, so these stretching and weight lifting areas are very important in your fitness space, especially for beginner exercisers who may feel more comfortable without heavy weights or machines to start off.

5 Reasons to Show Off Functional Space

1. Athletic Performance

Functional areas in your unique fitness space may introduce the idea of functional training for sports and athletics. Many athletes and advanced exercisers require core-training equipment to prep for a sport that may include tennis, golf, swimming, soccer and more. The key from an athlete’s standpoint is not only for functional training to mimic their motions in sport – but also to hone agility and balance.

2. Stress Relief

Pilates mat classes and personal training areas should be strategically filled with functional equipment, such as yoga mats and medicine balls, that encourage stretching and mind-body exercises, which help you de-stress and help you feel stronger and centered. Your functional fitness space is also good for stretching before and after workouts.

3. Injury Prevention

Multi-directional strength exercises that improve hip, glute and abdominal strength can help prevent injuries and optimize your overall muscular strength. Two very basic examples of more sophisticated multi-muscle core moves include barbell squats and elbow planks.

4. Core Strength

Building core strength using equipment or functional body-weight resistance exercises (such as standing on one leg while you lift weights) may reduce the risks of training injuries and normal aches and pains that come with aging. Also functional training may help ensure have the agility or coordination to minimize the effects of a fall or a minor injury.

5. Custom Space

Core training areas in your fitness space can really spice up your basic gym design and makes any fitness area more diverse and innovative. Variety is a key ingredient in designing your fitness space, and functional training areas make that space more attractive and inviting.
Finally, designing attractive stretching and core fitness areas in your multi-family fitness space or any commercial gym is vital for attracting new tenants/owners or members and customers.
If you’re using your fitness center to attract and “sell” people on your property, consider your functional training areas very carefully. Heartline Fitness Systems can design and optimize this space to encourage more foot traffic, new users and customer satisfaction.

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