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Wellness Platforms and Active Amenities in Your Facility

The Wellness Business is Booming The health and fitness industry has been waiting two decades for a sophisticated wellness platform like ActiveAmenity.com. This revolutionary mobile app customizes your workout goals and tallies far-reaching results. ActieAmenity.com also offers virtual reality fitness programming and provides healthy recipes, instructional videos, plus much more. While single subscriptions of ActiveAmenity.com are available, Heartline Fitness

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Innovative Service From Concept-To-Completion

Business Challenge: Manage A Growing Amenity Offering Across A Wide Property Portfolio Creating the ultimate turnkey service capability for your property’s amenities not only ensures success and profitability but promises value-add services that create extraordinary owner and tenant experiences. According to breakthrough research from The Hackett Group, reduced process cost (i.e., increased efficiency) may be

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Aquatics and Wellness in Multi-Family Developments

Multi-Family Aquatic Centers Activate Wellness Staying active with your family and new friends at your multi-family residence increases the sense of community and safety. Designed thoughtfully, your amazing new aquatic centerkeeps tenants and building managers highly satisfied.  Lap swims, kiddie pools, spray pads as well as fitness programming in apartment complexes and other multi-family venues generate nourishing,

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Aquatic Centers Upgrade Fitness Amenities

Aquatic Centers Activate Multi-Family Fitness and Wellness Amenities New aquatic centers and state-of-the-art fitness centers at your multi-family residential property or commercial facility can engage new users who are willing to pay premium dollars for additional fitness amenities such as aqua fitness classes and personal training. Amenity activation is the next frontier in truly enhancing

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Sidestep the Hazards of Summer Pool Season

Ready to Launch Your Summer Pool Season? Are you sure? Warm weather is upon us and with hundreds of residents lining up at the community pool, property management companies must ask: “Are we prepared for a successful pool season?” It is time to ensure all safety checks, heating and filtering updates, and refurbishments for your

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Wellness Amenities Support a New Fitness Culture

Wellness is Fitness for the Soul Property owners and facility managers realize the deep need for wellness amenities along with cutting-edge fitness equipment and design. Attracting tenants and health conscious customers who are willing to pay top dollar for functional (and fun) wellness additions has become mandatory in today’s residential scene. In fact, since today’s modern

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