No Peloton Bikes for Apartment or Condo Communities Fitness Centers

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Heartline Fitness Insights

J.R. Tucker HS

With school pressures mounting across the country to promote a healthier and more active student population, Henrico County (Richmond, Virginia) officials decided to step up and meet the challenge.    A major component of this process involved upgrading the tools to create an environment of change.   First up, J.R. Tucker High School.  Mission…facelift a “weight room”

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Landon School

Heartline began working with The Landon School and with Marty Klingelhofer, Landon’s Strength & Conditioning Coach, in 1986 on Landon’s original weight room, and was re-united for the planning and design of the NEW Freeman Center in 2005. Heartline and Coach Klingelhofer worked extensively to design a facility that met the Freeman Foundation’s vision of

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Equipping the Modern High School Fitness Center

How to Optimize Fitness Centers in Schools To entice athletes and inspire active exercisers, try maximizing the weight lifting areas in your school fitness center. Free WiFi is just the beginning of student needs and demands when it comes to he modern high school training facility. The high school fitness arena is not longer just

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6 Ways a professional certified

Bringing a strength and conditioning professional into your high school has many benefits to both the school and the students. A professional can assist coaches to improve their teams, they can help to improve the health of the whole student population, and they can help your school to manage injury risks. Benefits to Your High

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Ignite Your Corporate Wellness Amenities

Business Challenge: Activate  Unique Corporate Wellness Offerings Workplace Wellness is big business, and corporate fitness facilities of the future reach beyond the customized weight room to feature more natural lighting, eco-friendly construction and stress relieving fitness programming, along with a health-conscious slew of employee extras. The digital revolution has increased the amount of time that

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Thinking about opening a tenant-only fitness center in your building?

Here are some great idea-generators, shared with Heartline by Robert Francis, CEO, Planned Companies, on building a fitness center for your business office tenants. Robert introduced us to Gary Klencheski, President of First Fitness Management, LLC, out of Boston. They have designed and managed dozens of fitness centers for landlords, companies, schools and private institutions,

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