Let Us Sweat the Details!

Rosemary Ridge, Needham Heights MA

Tricia Weston, Heartline’s Territory Manager in Boston and the surrounding New England area, really enjoys visiting Rosemary Ridge. It’s a nice drive from her home, but also, she gets to visit with Frank Conroy, the head of maintenance at the property. She describes him as “… salt of the earth and a true Bostonian, accent and all!” And as a born and bred New Englander herself, she likes to sit and listen to him! And she appreciates that Frank has been with the property for 25+ years! Talk about institutional knowledge.

Tricia’s tour of the Rosemary Ridge Fitness Center was a bit of an eye-opener. Some very old, outdated machines. Some teetering on the edge of unsafe. But, frankly, the Board is loathe to make changes. And they just flat out don’t want to spend money “unnecessarily”. We at Heartline understand that. But we also understand that fitness amenities promote property values and community lifestyle. And they can distinguish a property and really make it stand out from the condominiums in the area. But not every owner or Board sees it that way, or, if they do, they still wrestle with capital expenditures even though they know they must invest in the assets of their property. At Heartline we want to be your “trusted advisor” for all things fitness. And as such, we’re going to suggest things that will make your fitness center stand out, improve the community lifestyle, mitigate property risk and create an awesome experience for the residents.

Tricia’s goal with Rosemary Ridge is to turn their outdated space into a ‘healthier’ fitness environment with up-to-date equipment – no bells and whistles just pieces that are safer and not so costly to repair. For example, they had a very old Universal weight stack that she replaced with a DAP (Dual Adjustable Pulley) – the DAP is a great piece for multi-family for many reasons.  It’s excellent for the smaller amenity spaces with its small footprint while offering multi-functional workouts of different muscle groups. The DAP’s two-stack and pulley system and placards are great for unattended fitness spaces. With that single purchase, Rosemary Ridge took one big step forward in upgrading their amenity fitness center and in making it safer and more engaged space for its residents.

Equestra at Colts Neck Crossing

Donna B., a FirstService Residential Community Manager, first met Matt Silver, NE Sales Manager for Heartline, at the 2017 CAI Tradeshow. There she won the raffle prize drawing and took home a backpack full of Prism self-guided exercise accessories. It was fate, perhaps.

After chatting about her property – Equestra at Colts Neck Crossing in Farmingdale, NJ, Mat went there and did a facility assessment. He wrote it up and delivered it to Donna. It made several recommendations for new equipment and for a preventive maintenance (PM) contract to keep the equipment in good working order.

Donna signed up for the Platinum PM Contract with all its bells and whistles. Time went by. Matt and Donna saw each other several times at FirstService events, at Heartline events and other industry networking events.

And then, in late 2018, Donna was ready. The HOA was ready to replace the cardio equipment in the fitness center and Donna turned to Matt. They decided on replacing 4 treadmills and 1 elliptical. They still need to replace another elliptical  and 3-4 bikes, but they’ll do that down the road when budget permits.

Right after the installation, Matt came back and ran a Grand re-opening – four 30 minute blocks of equipment demonstrations and Q&A, plus a spread of healthy snacks and water.  Everyone involved was very happy with the event

Ocean Ridge Community Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Hands off Your CAPEX – Considering Leasing Your New Fitness Equipment

Trudie Peterson, the Community Manager at Ocean Ridge, had her heart set on three new recumbent bikes for her fitness center. These machines are a perfect fit in an active adult community like Ocean Ridge. But she simply could not pull another dollar from capital expenditures in 2018 – this was July – and she didn’t want to wait. Her residents didn’t want to wait. So, she reached out to Heartline Fitness asking what “creative financing” options were available to her, having seen that as a bullet in some Heartline marketing.

Leasing was the answer. Trudie got a 36-month lease with a monthly payment of less than $75. Problem solved. The bikes were installed as soon as the lease application was approved – less than 48 hours after it was submitted.

Leasing can solve a lot of problems for residential properties. It allows you to replace, add and/or upgrade your fitness equipment on your own timeline without depleting your capital expenditures fund.

Other advantages of a lease:
1) Lease payments may be 100% tax deductible.

2) Leasing permits 100%-plus financing with no down payment (including soft costs, warranties, tax, freight, and installation).

3) Leasing conserves valuable working capital.

4) Leasing preserves bank credit lines.

5) Longer and more flexible terms are available (up to 60 months).

6) Payments are fixed; not a floating rate.

Next time you want to make changes to your fitness amenities, talk to your Heartline Fitness sales rep about the variety of leasing programs we offer to find the one that fits you.

Capitol Hill Tower

Just like any good sales person given a list of prospects, Heartline’s Rob Burgess (Robert F. Burgess, III or RB3), working from the list of FirstService Residential properties, stopped in at the Capitol Hill Tower on a prospecting call to review their fitness amenity. In addition to having an above average fitness center, they have an indoor pool, hot tub and an outdoor lounge area. Rob met with property manager Alan Carrick and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse – a FREE facility assessment. Rob reviewed the entire facility, taking a look at the equipment, the layout and flow of the room and ultimately providing a series of recommendations required to take Capitol Hill Tower’s fitness center to the next level.

After receiving the Site Assessment report, Rob and Alan agreed that overall the space was properly sized, and the equipment layout aligned as well.  They agreed that the five treadmills had seen better days. Rob provided a quote for five (5) Life Fitness Integrity treadmills at a 30+% discount off MSRP. Alan took the proposal, showed it around to all the community stakeholders and by the first week of August, Heartline was installing new state-of-the art Integrity treadmills. While they were at it, the team removed the old equipment at no extra charge.   We’re always focused on making it easy for the client!

Next order of business – preventive maintenance service on all of their equipment, cardio and strength. All FirstService Residential properties are entitled to their first PM Visit FREE when they sign up for a quarterly PM contract with Heartline. We believe that the value of a PM contract is so high (mitigating risk and improving fitness center performance, leading to heightened community lifestyle) that you can’t afford not to have one. So, we want to give you the best value possible, so be sure to sign up for regular maintenance – to keep those warranties in play for new equipment and to ensure safety and functionality on all older equipment.

Rialto Capitol Condominium Association, Jersey City

Don’t discount the importance of the flooring in your fitness rooms. Flooring not only performs a functional use but is an integral part of the facility’s overall aesthetic.

Today, there are enough rubber and vinyl color and pattern choices to match any room design. And they are an excellent value for cardio and multi-purpose areas, while rubber flooring is still the workhorse for free-weight and strength training rooms. When a new or prospective resident walks in, the right floor makes a statement, and enhances the overall WOW factor of the club.

FirstServivce Residential Executive, Andrew Batshaw, introduced Heartline’s Matt Silver to the property, asking him to show them “a little Heartline love.” Right off the bat, new flooring was on the wish list.

Matt talked with the then-Property Manager about new flooring for their Fitness Room and Play Room. He explained that when choosing fitness center floors, most of Heartline’s customers continue to gravitate to durability and value. Both products are easy to maintain. Rolled rubber flooring products are typically less expensive and more durable than either carpet, tile or vinyl products. While these other options have appeal, carpet is the least viable option as it tends to stain, snag and promote bacteria development.

They decided on Everlast 8mm Basic Rubber Flooring for both spaces. Durable; value-priced. Matt carefully measured both spaces and took photos for the install team. Then they looked at color and pattern samples and it was “Rippin’ Red” for the fitness room and a more sedate “Grippin’ Grey” for the play room. After some back and forth, talked with Rialto Capitol’s John Masso sealed the deal and install was scheduled.

In the future, don’t forget to plan and budget your flooring requirements early in the planning process. And keep in mind, there is a different type of flooring designed for different type of uses – for equipment to sit on, for free weights, for functional training spaces, for yoga and aerobic exercising and more. There are even portable floor tiles to give you even more options. Ask your Heartline Fitness contact about what’s right for you new project.

Greenbriar Woodlands, Toms River, NJ

“Working with Heartline Fitness was such a positive experience for the Board and the Community. Not only did the Board see the value in what FirstService can offer their communities it also shed a positive light on the Board in the eyes of the homeowners. They now see their Board as forward thinkers, recognizing the needs of the growing and changing population.

Our fitness room was in desperate need of an upgrade. We called on Heartline Fitness. Matt Silver, their Northeast Sales Manager, provided a very thorough fitness room assessment report with his recommendations. Matt supplemented that with a PowerPoint presentation helping the Board visualize the concept. Matt came very well prepared, listened to their concerns and was always flexible in re-working the project to meet their needs. The Board compared pricing of like equipment from another dealer and direct from a manufacturer; they could not match Heartline’s prices.

So, we worked with Matt and the Heartline team to upgrade our fitness center. For our Grand Opening, Heartline’s crew came in the day before and worked continuously from 9 am to 11:30 pm to prepare. The new flooring and Matt came very well prepared, listened to their concerns and was always flexible. Matt later came in with his fitness trainer and set up a table of healthy refreshments for the residents. They coordinated with our in-house fitness trainer a schedule and plan for bringing the residents through the gym. The entire event lasted four hours and was seamless. Matt and his team warmly received residents, offering them a very relaxed, educational and fun event.

The success of this event has made the Board take an even more serious look at expanding the gym. I expect to continue to work with Matt as we prepare to break down walls and double the size of the room. I highly recommend to any manager that is looking to upgrade their facility to seriously consider Heartline Fitness.”

Maria C., CMCA
Community Manager
Greenbriar Woodlands

Bayville Shores Condominium

After years of Heartline providing preventive maintenance contract services for Bayville Shores, the service technician asked the sales rep, Matt Silver, to reach out to the then-new property manager– Stephan K. to discuss replacing some very old equipment. All those years of visiting the property, the service tech gets to know the facility, how the equipment is used, even some of the residents. He briefed Matt on what was going on with the property’s equipment. Many machines had failing parts that were no longer available from the manufacturer. They really had a need for new equipment.

Matt approached the property manager with a plan to let him upgrade the cardio equipment – and do one thing that always makes any fitness room seem fresh and new – a new flooring surface.

They discussed Stephan’s goals for the fitness center and property overall…and all agreed to an equipment budget.

Matt wrote up a briefing on his assessment of the amenity fitness space and how it could be improved within the stated budget. Stephan was able to gain approval and voila Bayville Shores was all set with new Life Fitness® cardio equipment and Ecore® Athletic flooring.


Heartline has been providing us with quarterly maintenance for years.  They continue to do a great job.  If we run into any issues with the equipment it is very simple to put in a work ticket and they are highly responsive in dispatching their techs and making necessary repairs.  They have been a pleasure to work with and we are currently working with them to upgrade all of the Cardio equipment in our facility.

Stephan K., Regional Director

FirstService Residential

Riviera at East Windsor HOA, Cranbury NJ

Riviera at East Windsor is an upscale active adult community experiencing trouble with their preventive maintenance service provider. Our sales rep, Matt Silver, visited to introduce himself and finding that they did not have a current need for new equipment or flooring, he handed them off to PM Contract Specialist, Mark Henderson who not only got their contract started right away, he bundled in a service call on a treadmill at the same time.

Riviera signed on for our Platinum PM Agreement which guarantees an onsite time of 24 hours, discount on service parts, free service calls  and other exclusive benefits.

The Community Manager there also wanted to explore setting up classes, such as yoga, for their residents. Heartline put her in touch with TFLiving, an industry leader in providing “on-demand” personal training, group fitness classes and more.


Thank you, Mark,

I am letting FS upper management know how efficiently you made the transition from [our previous vendor] to Heartline.

Just signed Agreement today and we already have a visit scheduled for tomorrow and I was put in touch with Transformation Fitness to see if we can set up activities/services for my residents.

Bravo to you and your Team!!

RACHEL R., Community Manager

Grande at Riverview

Last year, Heartline developed a concise two-minute survey for FirstService Residential property managers on their future fitness equipment needs. One respondent, Cheryl M. of The Grande at Riverview, emailed Scott Bresnick, VP of Operations for FirstService Residential, with a desperate need for new equipment, flooring and advice on a renovation of their fitness center. Scott connected Cheryl with Bob, Heartline’s president, who in turn handed the project over to the capable hands of Northeast Sales Manager, Matt Silver and that’s where the story begins.

The Grande’s fitness center was indeed in need of a complete overhaul. They had outdated and failing equipment and damaged carpet. Cheryl asked for Matt’s suggestions on the renovation. Matt assessed the situation and developed a comprehensive solution based on the client community’s situation and needs. The new layout would include a new sports floor and an entire refresh of The Grande’s fitness center equipment. Cheryl shared it with the Board. Time passed, Matt answered questions from the Board, about the equipment, about the pricing structure, about the flooring. Next, he met up with Cheryl at the FirstService L.E.A.D.S. gathering where he gave her a flooring sample book to take back to the Board. More time passed. Cheryl moved on. Tiffany D. came aboard as the new property manager. Then came a conference call with Tiffany, Rich N., assistant property manager, and Cheryl (she came back to help finish what she’d started with Matt), and the Board members. Then the deal happened, and the heavy lifting began. Now, a year later, The Grande at Riverview has a top-tier fitness center – outfitted with Life Fitness cardio and Paramount strength equipment. After the install, Matt returned to lead a grand opening event where he educated owners on the equipment, chatted with residents about fitness trends and how to get the most out of the new amenity space.


“It was great working with Matt. A real pleasure to work with him on this major project. I just wish every vendor was as great to work with as Heartline.”

Cheryl M.
Original Property Manager

Princeton Manor

Princeton Manor is a 55+ active lifestyle community. Matt Silver, Heartline’s Northeast sales manager, reached out to them with a proposal for all new cardio equipment and a preventive maintenance contract. They opted for the PM contract. On that very first tech visit, we discovered that their previous service provider had turned off all the safety alerts on all of the cardio pieces – that’s like your mechanic just turning the check engine light off instead of fixing your transmission. Once they were turned back on, every piece of cardio lit up and needed repair. So, Matt went back out and met with the fitness center committee and the property manager, Katie C., in person to discuss upgrading their cardio equipment and answer the board members’ questions.
Now, Princeton Manor has the most up to date cardio equipment including a Sci Fit Step One recumbent stepper which is extremely popular in active adult communities. Plus, they have regularly-scheduled, reliable service on their entire facility to keep things running and keep them apprised of any safety and liability issues with the equipment.
The installation of the new equipment was just completed in April. Matt will be right out there again in May to help host their Grand Opening party. He’ll demo some of the equipment, answer any resident questions and even offer a few workout tips from his days as a personal trainer! This was a total team effort with Matt collaborating with Katie every step of the way ensuring project success and great value.

We are thrilled with what is in store for our fitness center. Thanks to Matthew, we all win. He can’t help but make you look good to your Board and Homeowners. Matthew Silver is one of those added-value individuals. You’ll be glad you chose to work with Matthew and Heartline Fitness. Thanks Matt.

Warm Regards,
Katie C., Community Manager
Princeton Manor