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Business Challenge:

Activate  Unique Corporate Wellness Offerings

Workplace Wellness is big business, and corporate fitness facilities of the future reach beyond the customized weight room to feature more natural lighting, eco-friendly construction and stress relieving fitness programming, along with a health-conscious slew of employee extras.
The digital revolution has increased the amount of time that corporate workers sit and surf on their computers and phones – and yet, the digital revolution – over the last 15 years – has also made it simpler than ever to incorporate exercise or wellness into your tightly packed schedule.
After all, today you can take advantage of personal trainer podcasts, online fitness sessions and hundreds of exercise and audible apps right on your phone – and at your (very fit) fingertips!
Research from the UK’s residential real estate market, the CBRE reports new business decisions are moving towards wellness and corporate fitness more than ever before. “Changing attitudes towards wellness and the rise of big technology have had a major impact on the workplace, on the facilities and services it provides, and on how people will interact in their own work environments,” says data from CBRE, a global Fortune 100 real estate company.

Simple, Low-Cost Changes to Implement Now

    • Allow job sharing between two staffers, and encourage work-from-home situations 1-2 days per week especially attractive to new parents
    • Ensure employees take regular computer screen breaks with intranet emails, company alerts, and musical breaks through the day
    • Promote walking meetings for employees to get fresh air during the jam-packed day, and offer low-impact (sweat-free) lunch workouts like gentle Pilates
    • Breathe more oxygen on your lunch hour. Popular in Asia now, as a major corporate wellness benefit, many large businesses are constructing unique rooftop gardens for lunchtime weed-pickers who wish to relieve stress and/or pick the fruits of their labor for a healthy salad and snack breaks. (How progressive!)

What About Residential Wellness Amenities?
Our revolutionary mobile app customizes your workout goals and tallies far-reaching results and offers virtual reality fitness programming, healthy recipes, how-to videos, plus much more.  Heartline Fitness Systems provides a simple, step-by-step process for adopting the ActiveAmenity.com platform into your facility:

  • Custom Software Branding
  • On-site Training
  • Marketing Poster
  • Welcome Email Letter Template
  • Follow Up Email Letter Template
  • Tenant-Employee Usage Reporting

Find the inspiration to transform your body, your mind and your business with Heartline Fitness Systems. As part of our extensive services, we provide clients with weekly health and exercise news, schedules and alerts, and simple body weight calculators right in the same amazing app.
Read the full corporate wellness report from CBRE.
Information adapted from the latest CBRE European Survey on corporate wellness in the workplace from CBRE Global Workplace Solutions.

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