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Increase Loyalty and Retention By Elevating Your Fitness Amenity

People all over the world know they are out of shape. Many people, up to 46% of renters, reported that they would pay higher rental fees to live in a development with that have state-of-the-art fitness amenities. The primary issue is that most multi-family housing developments do not offer what residents require.
Renters today, millennials and even baby boomers, want to be catered to exponentially. They want their gym to be more than just functional; they want it to be engaging.  In the immediate satisfaction world of today, you are going to be hard pressed to find people that will religiously go to the treadmill on their own.
There are tactics you can undertake to inexpensively “juice up” your facility to attract and retain higher-paying residents. The first of course is to create a fitness space if none currently exists.   Equip the gym with the right quantities and mix of equipment, and ensure customers have enough space to work out.

Creative Ideas to Increase the ROI on Your Gym and Recreational Space

Specialized Equipment
You have all heard about the cross-fit craze. Why not invest in a piece of equipment that will allow your residents to do cross-fit at your property, or at least some form of high-intensity training (HIIT)?
If you have smart TVs installed, you can easily display popular HIIT trainers for residents to emulate on your equipment. The smart TV idea can be done in a number of ways, such as Wellbeats Virtual Training which uses a large screen TV connected to the internet, and uses Wellbeats virtual training programs.   These programs can be viewed at any time of day or night, and are built for both individual and group workouts.
You can construct spaces involving multi-colored yoga mats, allowing your residents a variety of yoga options.   Using such a system is inexpensive, will engage clients, and get them hooked on the amenity.
Make an Outdoor Exercise Space
Depending on your climate and the season, it can be fun to change up your setting and get your workout in the fresh air.   There are also specially-designed outdoor fitness equipment (Greenfields and Xccent Fitness) and even aquatics fitness equipment (bikes and treadmills) that can placed in your commercial pool!
If your facility has walking paths or other outdoor spaces for people to enjoy; make sure to keep them groomed and clean, and consider having some equipment installed on by such walking paths.
If your walking area is large, you could do fun things with residents like a scavenger hunt, or organize games of kick the can. Anything that gets people out and enjoying the fresh air will keep your residents coming back for more.
Search out the Community
Look for personal trainers working to make a name for themselves.   If there is a college nearby, you could find some students about to graduate with a degree in exercise science or kinesiology. Ask these people if they would like to put on a free exercise class, weight training tutorial, or cross-fit session at your property gym.    Another option is to look at a national group called TF Living (www.tfliving.com) to provide on-site fitness classes and personal training for a reasonable monthly fee.
This is just a sampling of ideas to optimize the ROI on your fitness center.   For most people it’s a matter of getting them into the gym, once they are there, they will do their workout and be thrilled with themselves that they did.
Adding experiential details to your fitness amenities will get people to in and keep them coming back for more.   This is what creates strong customer loyalty–loyalty that leads to resident retention and elevating community lifestyle.

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