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Business Challenge: Manage A Growing Amenity Offering Across A Wide Property Portfolio

Creating the ultimate turnkey service capability for your property’s amenities not only ensures success and profitability but promises value-add services that create extraordinary owner and tenant experiences.
According to breakthrough research from The Hackett Group, reduced process cost (i.e., increased efficiency) may be the number one benefit of consolidating your supply-chain network. With fewer suppliers, the number of separate transactions falls, as does the amount of time it takes to manage those vendors, says new data.

Consolidation Saves on Time, Money and Effort

“It costs roughly $700- $1,400 in internal costs (i.e., labor, outsourcing, technology, and related overhead) to source each supplier, set it up in internal systems, transact with it and manages the relationship on an ongoing basis,” according to research from The Hackett Group.
Scaling specific expense categories with multiple vendors per category will ultimately lead to reduced profitability and operating efficiency for the business and/or property. According to industry research from The Hackett Group, consolidating your suppliers is your best opportunity to benefit financially from the added buying power you’ll receive across key business segments.

What are Your Top Pain Points?

Reduce Costs and Improve Productivity

Studies show as the number of suppliers rises, business profitability incrementally decreases. According to Multi-Housing News, as product sourcing increases spreading supply across a larger vendor network, the level of communication required accelerates leading to a high propensity for error-misplaced orders, extended response times, missed discount opportunities, etc.
“Most clients are operating under enormous pressure and are looking for creative solutions to keep costs in check while improving customer experience,” says Heartline Fitness president Bob Burgess. He says that corporations can benefit greatly from consolidation because they would be able to call on one strong provider, have one point-of-contact, and receive one invoice to handle their portfolio versus using disparate suppliers with varying capabilities across extended geography.
With fewer suppliers, the number of separate transactions (and dispersed communications) falls considerably and so too does the amount of time it takes to integrate the different players. Based on The Hackett Group’s studies, dealing with fewer suppliers indicates there’s also less chance of fraud debt and missed opportunities for deals and discounts.
By simplifying and automating interactions with your preferred vendors and suppliers we now have the ability to provide a totally integrated solution, with a high-quality, seamless approach: From 2D and 3D facility design to provide a full range of products, brands and price points, and white-glove delivery and installation services. After installation, we activate your amenity space and enhance the user experience further.

A  Total Solution Management Approach

Once installation is complete, Heartline Fitness continues to invest in your business and core assets, which often includes: a robust parts inventory, a professionally-trained service technician network, increased insurance coverage, and expert delivery and install teams.
“Our solution management approach focuses on your needs and expectations throughout the project, from concept-through-completion. “From site assessment through amenity onboarding and activation, we’re with you every step of the way,” says Burgess.
Heartline Fitness serves key customer segments (from Maine to Georgia) in multi-family residential categories as well as corporate wellness, education, hospitality, and medical industries. Reach out today for a free facility consultation.

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