Heartline Fitness


J.R. Tucker HS

open floor gym with weight benches in the center of the room

With school pressures mounting across the country to promote a healthier and more active student population, Henrico County (Richmond, Virginia) officials decided to step up and meet the challenge.    A major component of this process involved upgrading the tools to create an environment of change.   First up, J.R. Tucker High School.  Missionfacelift a “weight room” from the 1960’s.
Heartline has spent the better part of two years working with three of Henrico’s initial test subjects and renovate their respective training facilities.    In terms of J.R. Tucker, the first order of business was to clear out and remove all fossils from yesteryear.   Once complete, Heartline’s team was able to go to work.    In order to optimize a training /wellness center’s space, Heartline’s designs focus on installing the company’s Dual CoreRack ™ training system with integrated adjustable benches.   This becomes the rooms foundation since each system is able to accommodate up to eight student/athletes at one time.    Consequently, by introducing four training systems, we’re able to train up to 32 J.R. Tucker student/athletes in only 432 square feet-allowing us to free up some 1,500 square feet for auxiliary and circuit training machines, as well as cardiovascular conditioning.   The result is efficient space usage which is able to handle all of J.R. Tucker’s sports programs as well as providing a wellness atmosphere for the overall student population.   With a more organized and state-of-the-art facility in place, students now have the tools to pursue a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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