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Let’s Clear the Air

You are what you breathe

We all know what this means: “You Are What You Eat”, and we try to live it. Well, we should also say “You Are What You Breathe.” Breathing is a bigger problem, perhaps, than what we eat.

So, what exactly is “dirty air?” We’ve all seen the slow-motion animation of how viruses, the corona virus included, get out into the air at a further distance than most of us thought was possible. It shows someone – with out a mask or shield – who coughs, sneezes, or talks loudly and droplets spew into the air, traveling through a space, especially enclosed spaces. These droplets contain viruses including the corona virus and other dangerous or unhealthy particles.

As with so many problems that have popped up or blown up during this time, technology has come to the rescue. So many different technologies, products that are all equally effective.

But you need to read the fine print and ask one single question. Ask if their product/technology continuously cleans the air or is it a momentary effect?”

If they say continuous, ask them to show you proof of that specific claim. There is only one technology that has the ability to continuously disinfect in the air. And it also provides protection to all the surfaces in your room. Continuously means that it is all always protected from the droplets, the viruses and just the standard particles that are in the air. The air we breathe.

Many property managers, owners, developers, HOAs and other professionals managing fitness centers and similar facilities have gotten a lot of sales calls, mailings and emails presenting “the best solution” or “the only product that does this or that”. 

Science-y Details on Bi-polar Ionization

There is one technology that continuously cleans the air. It is proven to be just as effective or more effective than other technologies and for even more contaminants in your air. This proprietary technology approaches the problem from a different angle.  AtmosAir’s™ bi-polar technology sends ions into the air, isolates the contaminant, and deactivates it. For a bunch of science-y reasons we cannot say “kills”, but it has the exact same effect; the virus or other contaminate cannot infect anyone; it cannot attach to surfaces, it can’t do anything.

Results of tests on its “productive effectiveness” (a science-y term for if it works or not) at deactivating the coronavirus and many other harmful pollutants. Tests were conducted by globally respected labs for testing EPA and FDA-registered sanitizing products.

Active Antimicrobial bonds

And it wasn’t just one test, over and over it received effective rates of 99.9%, 99.8%, 99.5% against all of these air-invaders. Think viruses like covid-19, MRSA, VOCs, micro-organisms, bacteria, regular dust, odors, smoke, bacteria, germs, mold, mildew, allergens as well as pollen and other dangerous particles. It also eliminates odors and reduces dust equivalent to MERV13 filtration, a requirement in some cities/states.

It’s important to consider all of these particles because, while air quality came to the forefront because of covid-19, you can see now that the problem of air contamination has always been there. In a future article we’ll share the effect “dirty air” has on people. As the pandemic comes under control, eventually we’ll think of covid-19 and the resulting coronavirus as something we don’t have to worry about anymore. We “beat” it. But, there’s always some new flu, virus or other bad thing transmitted through the air. It’s better that we address the problem now, when there isn’t such a panic and you can do it thoughtfully, you can plan and budget for it.

Back to AtmosAir

This is not a new company or a new technology. They started in air quality in 2004 bringing the bi-polar ionization to the U.S. from Europe. By 2020 they’ve installed in commercial, academic, and government buildings – big and small; actually, huge and small. Select clients include CBRE, Gensler, JBB Consulting Engineers, Google, SpaceX, LAX Airport, Facebook, the Staples Center, Seminole Gaming Casinos, Hilton Hotels, USC, Carnegie Hall, The Dallas Cowboys, and NYU Langone Medical Center. Those make up just a few of the 100+ million square feet where AtmosAir products have been installed to keep the air safe and healthful.

AtmosAir offers these benefits.

  1. Improved Indoor Air Quality – Viruses, odors, bacteria, influenza, and dust will be reduced.
  2. Elevating resident experience and peace of mind
  3. Fan Experience – Reduced odors, overall enhanced indoor environment.
  4. System Efficiency – Operating energy cost savings, it allows conditioned air to be recycled and recirculated. (Applies to larger spaces; entire floors or buildings.)
  5. Sustainability – Extended life of HVAC equipment, less chilled water consumption.
  6. And more.

You Wouldn’t Serve Dirty Water to
Your Employees or Residents… Would You?

Think about it. if you’d never drink dirty water, why would you breathe dirty air? You can see the contaminants in the water. But now you can also see the dirt, the contaminates, in your air. This bi-polar technology sees the particles. It is launched into the air – all throughout the space, circulated by your HVAC or other air flow system.

Clean air provides healthier indoor air quality by reducing viruses, odors, and all the things we’ve talked about here. There’s even solid proof that poor air quality leads to a measurable decrease in productivity. So what does that mean when you’re living or working out in dirty air? It’s something to think about.

For more information, contact Heartline, [email protected], (844) 338-9900.

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