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Power Cord Management: It's OK to be a Neat Freak!

Jumbled cables on ground next to treadmill

Want a quick, easy and inexpensive solution to a big mess in your fitness center?
Think about something called cable containment boxes. Ask your Heartline Service Technician for a solution to messy cables attached to your fitness machines and he’ll likely show you a picture of a “bluelounge box” like the one in the above picture. See how the wires are all tangled and visible in front of the machine below it? And it’s not just about being neat and tidy. It’s a safety issue too.
The boxes come in black and white (and bluelounge sells other containment systems you might find useful elsewhere in your complex, visit www.bluelounge.com to view all of their solutions).
OTHER CORD HAZARDS: In this picture, the cords may be messy, but at least they’re pretty much out of the walkways in the room, up against the windows. But Heartline techs and sales consultants have seen situations where cords run right through the middle of the room, or pile up near a floor outlet, right where your fitness center users are walking. (There are other problems with these situations; talk to your tech provider about extension cord issues.)

Cable Management can save you a service $$ with avoiding tangled and broken cables.
The bluelounge boxes hold and route cords from a power strip or other power source.

So, tidy up your fitness center — your tenant/users may not be able to identify the change right away, but they will notice that the room looks neater and better laid out.
Next time the Heartline tech is onsite for a PM or service call, ask him to quote you on some boxes for your cords. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how inexpensive it is — and even more surprised at what a difference it makes in the overall look of your fitness center.
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