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Design and Outfit Your School’s Training Facilities

Heartline Fitness can help conceive, design and equip the ultimate training center for your school’s gym or exercise space. Innovative athletics buildings and their fitness offering can help support and sustain many hard-working students in the athletic programs in your school or college.

Modern fitness centers in schools are designed to offer activation tools that help students find balance and wellness and to also attract high-achieving student and athlete populations. Offering and maintaining a healthy active environment at school boosts school morale and team spirit.

There are many benefits to a well-stocked training space and the really good ones nurture the feel of  “your student community” in the atmosphere and surrounding outdoor areas. Schools with high-profile athletic programs may require amenities far beyond the weight room, including custom flooring, rehab machines and elite training areas.

Free Gym Assessment for Your School

Heartline Fitness has customized design solutions for any school training facility. Picture this scene:

The fit student has just finished his or her first final exams  and needs to let off steam. He or she can now remain on campus with friends and enjoy active lifestyle amenities ranging from indoor soccer fields and organic juice bars to rock climbing walls and high-tech exercise equipment.

Interesting, extra-luxe school gym amenities:

  • Massage therapy rooms
  • Indoor tracks for different sports
  • Meditation lounges
  • Pilates and rehab studios
  • Olympic aquatic centers

We’ll work with your contractors and developers to stay in budget and create the perfect environment. Our clients deserve a comprehensive design experience (and equipment maintenance follow-through) with member safety and user experience included.

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