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Outdoor Fitness Trends

Outdoor Fitness pursuits are more popular than ever. Being outdoors is therapeutic and offers an escape from indoor responsibilities of work, school, and life in general. And in the age-of-Covid, many businesses are capitalizing on outdoor fitness experiences – setting them apart from the masses. Outdoor fitness is also a great way to help your residents, customers and clients socialize while they safely physically distance from each other. 

This webinar highlights outdoor fitness equipment that can complement existing indoor fitness offerings. Equipment can be placed in a designated “Fitness Zone” or spread out along a walking path encouraging walkers/runners to incorporate functional training into a cardio routine.  Full racks and rigs, popularized by American Ninja Warrior and Crossfit, can bring the “playground experience” to adults who want to incorporate some fun and function into their health and fitness plan.

If capital expenditures are not in the budget, learn more about our popular programming ideas that involve minimal investment in equipment and staff – or in many cases can re-purpose existing equipment and spaces.  Group fitness programs can be scheduled as regular offerings or as special events like a “Full Moon Yoga” class or “Spooky Spin”. Your Heartline Team is here to offer support to fully activate your fitness spaces! 

Outdoor Fitness Trends 10-14-20
Outdoor Fitness Trends 10-14-20
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