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Preventive Maintenance – Strength Equipment 101

treadmill maintenance

Heartline’s master technicians, Mike Hess and Thomas Andrews, demonstrate the company’s approach to preventive maintenance as it applies to strength training equipment. 
In a nutshell, Heartline’s preventive maintenance approach to strength training equipment encompasses the following:

  1. Inspection of all welds and weld joints for signs of metal fatigue.
  2. Inspection of all cables-cable crimps, cable farrels, S hooks and bolting attachments.
  3. Inspection of all pulleys and pulley bearings.
  4. Replacement of any cables where cable is frayed.
  5. Stripping of nylon coating where coating is frayed.
  6. Inspection of all moving bushings and bearings for signs of early wear which could endanger the safety of equipment users.
  7. Cleaning weight stacks of all excess oil, grime, or dirt.
  8. Touch up painting of weight stacks (numbered lettering excluded).
  9. Wipe down all equipment with formulated mild cleaning solution.
  10. Degreasing guide rods with degreasing solvent.
  11. Re-oil all guide rods bushings and bearings (Brake-Free).
  12. Adjust cable and/or belting as necessary to facilitate proper range of motion.
  13. Clean and oil all range of motion carriages.
  14. Adjust pulley alignment for smooth cable or Kevlar ® belt wear.
  15. Inspect and tighten all loose bolts.
  16. Check cam alignment and make adjustments as required.
  17. Inspect for excessive foam wear which could cause safety concerns.
  18. Inspect and oil all weight plate bushings as required.
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