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NetpulseOne…Personalized Entertainment Platform

Netpulse, the pioneers of networked fitness, deliver a personalized entertainment and workout tracking platform for exercisers and a powerful business tool for fitness center owners.
NetpulseOne is an interactive media platform that provides an exciting, dynamic selection of On Demand content for exercisers to enjoy during their workouts on a wide range of cardio manufacturer’s equipment.  In your facility, exercisers can choose from an incredible variety of content options available through NetpulseOne or through their own connected iPod®. Outside the facility, they can track their workout progress, manage entertainment preferences and create custom playlists online to use when they return.
NetpulseOne works with all your favorite cardio equipment, 3rd party tracking apps and devices, along with a mobile app and web portal capturing all your member data under one brandyours.

Benefits to Facilities:

Universal compatibility
Creates a club-centric fitness community
Drives member engagement and retention
Ability to leverage business intelligence and access to member workout data
National and club-sponsored* challenges

Benefits to Members:

Personalized goal setting
Activity-based social feed
Universal workout tracking
Netpulse-connected equipment
Member website and customized URL
Non-CSAFE compatible equipment via xCapture*
3rd party apps and devices
Mobile application*
For more information about the NetpulseOne personalized entertainment platform, please call your Heartline Fitness sales rep at 800-262-3348

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