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Medical & Rehabilitation

Help your patients recover the right way

It’s a delicate balance to get patients back to their lives after a life-changing diagnosis, accident, or injury. Rehab takes patience, the right exercises, and the right kind of resistance. But PT isn’t some one-exercise-fits-all solution. You’re not going to rehab a cardiac incident the same way you would a broken leg.

Just like your treatment recommendations, our approach to your rehabilitation space is customized. From floor to air, we conduct an assessment to design a facility that protects your patients’ health and your investment.

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Here’s the Heartline Fitness Difference

  • Custom “concept-to-completion” design
  • Maximum efficacy with your provided space
  • Trusted, top equipment brands
  • Expert equipment service you can rely on

Let Heartline Fitness find the right fitness solutions for your medical facility.

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