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Provide your residents with the most in-demand lifestyle trend of 2021

Watch a short video preview (below) about a new and exciting app – Wellbeats.

Wellbeats lets you show residents you care about their health and wellbeing. It lets you redefine your fitness and  wellness amenities and increase your up-capture rate. This unique and versatile app has over 700 classes — fitness, wellness, mindfulness and nutrition — for every age, interest, and activity level.

Explore the app on your own or with one of our reps. (contact info below). You’ll see immediately how it gives you:

  • Touchless technology perk to add to your property;
  • Expand fitness into other areas—even in residents’ homes;
  • Engage more people and help increase retention;
  • Value-priced option to bring the community together;
  • Bring residents together in a virtual space through our social engagement feature;
  • Great solution for residents working from home (WFH);
  • Virtual and physical events;
  • And much more.
a short primer on the powerful Wellbeats app

Stop looking for the next-best thing. This is the best thing, at a surprising low cost. Multi-family properties: ask about special pricing for property-wide app subscriptions.

Reach out to your sales rep and schedule a call/meeting. Click here to see reps by geographic territory.

Or contact the main office at: [email protected]   |  (800) 262-3348

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