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Re-Opening NYC and NJ Gyms

Update to previous webinar information – 9/9/2020

In this session, Heartline experts review the new mandates from NY State, NY City, and New Jersey with an eye toward answering the questions: How do we re-open while ensuring that the space is safe for users? They talk about what they are seeing during the hundreds of Re-opening Assessments they’re doing in both territories. NYC & NJ are the first to really set standards for gyms/fitness centers so even properties in other locales can benefit from the guidance. 

First, Geoff Vogel runs through the topline requirements laid out by NY and NYC, including 33% capacity, based on occupancy; controlled access; what is acceptable PPE; hygiene/cleaning, supplies, and frequency; required Health Screenings; Air handling, and more. See a sample of Heartline’s Amenity Assessment here which has been critical to reopening fitness facilities in NYC and NJ for our clients.

Geoff also reviews the biggest question raised by the NY State mandate — MERV 13 Filters. What it means and how you comply. It’s not one specific filter. Lastly, Geoff shares a great visual exercise to understand what’s happening in the air when your people are working out in the space.

For the state of NJ, Matt Silver addresses key state regulations and mandates. NJ has mandated only 25% capacity based on occupancy: and a 1 person per 200 sq ft for exercise classes. Temperature checks are required here as well as screening and facility attendants or ambassadors. He addresses requirements for, keeping a screening log, being clear on HIPAA privacy issues; minimum cleaning frequency; HVAC considerations, and more. 

Finally, Matt talks briefly about the benefits of exercising with a mask! Helpful in convincing reluctant gym users.

Watch the full Webinar below.

NYC & NJ Gym Reopening
NYC & NJ Gym Reopening
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