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Real-time Amenity Monitoring Helps Get You to the Right Amenity Mix for Your Community

Haven’t heard of Amenity Linc yet? It’s no less than an all-in-one, modern solution for your apartment complex, condo community, or homeowner’s association. Wait, before you think this is just hyperbole, read on.

At its most basic function Amenity Linc is a reservations system. Picture an easier way to track and manage capacity without overcomplicating a sign-in sheet. It offers real-time amenity monitoring and availability. It gives residents the flexibility to schedule their time while it helps your office determine the right amenity mix for your community.  But look more closely and it is so much more. It connects your community to your management and staff. But it can also be their key fob, guest pass, work order form, and the list goes on.

It all starts in your mobile app, where you can customize the resident experience, but it goes several steps further to streamline your front desk operations via a dashboard, all while ensuring a 360-degree view of your community’s activities.

Look for more details in the next issue, or sign up for the next free informational webinar, on June 25. Or explore more details on the Amenity Linc website (amenitylinc.com).  You can also ask for a demo right away on the Contact Us page.

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