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Safety Features in Residential Fitness Design

Heartline Safety Fitness Features

What is the most important safety feature in your multi-family gym?

How do you create a safe, first-class fitness center in your active residential community? Enhance the features  of your active residential facility with cameras and key fobs, exercise equipment placement and design improvements.

Multi-family design professionals take a 3-pronged approach:

  1. – Architectural safety features such as wiring cabinets
  2. – Personal safety features, such as lighting
  3. – Environmental safety features, such as air filtering

“Unfortunately, we live in a litigious society so the safety of our fitness centers from a facility design standpoint — the flow of the room and equipment layout, to the engineered design of the machines to how the facility is maintained — is absolutely paramount,” says Bob Burgess, president of Heartline Fitness Systems.

Important Safety Features for Your Community

Ask and you shall receive, says Multi-Family News. In reference to personal safety and environmental safety, when designing and equipping a custom multi-family fitness area, the most successful designers think far beyond standard mounted cameras, smart phone tools and message boards, according to Multi-Family News.

Residents and apartment managers must consider:

  • Windows and vents for natural light and air quality
  • Automated air filters and clean water filters
  • Key fobs and eco-friendly lighting in common areas
  • Appropriate exercise equipment choices and floor placement
  • Code specific wiring and cabinetry placement
  • Hi-tech heating and AC systems
  • Attractive, branded exercise areas

Heartline Fitness specializes in multi functional equipment tailored to the gym’s layout. Our approach also provides for the safety of all ages and experience levels and maintains compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
We offer our multi-family clients turnkey solutions in custom fitness facility design, layout, flooring, installation, product training and preventive maintenance. We help you:

— Attract new tenants
— Retain current tenants
— Diversify your audience
— Boost community engagement

What About Liability Insurance?

Depending on your home state and specific residential community, of course, tenants may seek damages for injuries that occur in your commercial multi-family gym. From tripping over a stray barbell on the gym floor to feeling uneasy when exercising alone at night, the most successful multi-family spaces take into consideration not only personal safety but your overall health and well-being.
Read more about general tips on residential safety here.
In most jurisdictions, laws do not require that landowners and residential managers guarantee the safety of guests and residents in pool areas or other commercial exercise common spaces. These same jurisdictions do require, however, that common areas be reasonably cleaned and maintained to protect against potential or “foreseeable injuries.”
Here’s information on insurance coverage for vendors.
Request a free facility fitness assessment and take the first steps to designing the most innovative and safe fitness amenity in each residential area you represent.

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