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SCIFIT Pro 2 Total Body Exerciser

SCIFIT’s Pro 2 Total Body Exerciser provides increased range of motion, making this product perfect for physical therapy, rehabilitation and general wellness…
The natural elbow to knee movement engages the core muscles.   The upper and lower cranks are dependent, allowing for passive assistance. The stronger limbs can drive the weaker limbs through the range of motion.  Full adjustable upper and lower cranks, a fully adjustable seat and direct wheelchair access, allows users of all ages and abilities to use the Pro 2.


The biomechanical design of the Pro2 promotes proper position for optimal core involvement linking upper body and lower body exercise while delivering maximum output for power and endurance.   Only one simple adjustment is required (fore/aft seat adjustment) to put any size exerciser in the proper position.   The low back seat provides lumbar support while allowing freedom of movement to maximize results.

Muscle Balance

Bi-directional resistance allows the exerciser to perform the workout and all of the programs in both forward and reverse, changing directions at any time and as often as they choose.   By doing so, they are also working reciprocal muscle groups and developing muscle balance and reducing the risk of overuse injuries.   Changing directions also makes the workout more interesting and engaging for the exerciser.

Six Key Benefits

  1. Total Body Rotary Exercise – One of a kind.
  2. Strength and Cardiovascular exercise.
  3. Major core recruitment – elbow to knee.
  4. Space efficient – no power requirement.
  5. Time efficient – 10 minute IntelliFit protocols.
  6. Tracking results – Fit-Key and/or software.

For more information about the Pro2 and SCIFIT products please contact a Heartline representative at 800-262-3348.

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