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SCIFIT’s New StepOne the only true total body, recumbent stepper.   A great product for medical rehab and overall fitness…
The low impact StepOne recumbent stepper provides a smooth, total body functional exercise.  StepOne features low starting resistance, wheelchair access, natural movement and a step range that provides patterning similar to walking or climbing stairs.  The belt drive provies a smooth, quiet workout.

User-Defined Stride Length

Excessive or fixed range of motion can present a challenge for some individuals on bikes, ellipticals and even seated ellipticals.  Only seated steppers, such as StepOne, offer a user-defined length.  On StepOne, the termination at the start and stopping point of the movement is determined by the user or therapist, not the product.   This allows for an infinite selection movement within the 11.5-inch maximum stride length.  While other seated steppers offer a user defined stride length, they don’t offer a range suitable to train for the most common and desirable daily activity of ascending and descending stairs.

Easy Range Limiting By Moving The Seat

Orthopedically, StepOne allows the user and/or practitioner to dictate range of motion for hip and knee patients, unlike a fixed rotary motion such as bicycle stroke.   ROM can be limited simply by extending the seat position, flexion is increased as the seat is moved closer.  It is as simple as moving the seat – no additional devices needed for range limited.

Stride Length Measurement – Itelli-Stride(TM)

SCIFIT’s patent pending Intelli-Stride feature continuously measures and displays the user’s average stride length on the screen of StepOne to provide visual tracking of progress and to help monitor range of motion.   This feature is ideal for users regaining range of motion, documentation purposes and goal setting.
For more information about StepOne and SCIFIT products please contact a Heartline representative at 800-262-3348.

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