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See How One Property Went From Dull to Dyno-mite!

The Fairways at Feather Sound gym

TAKE A LOOK. See how Heartline worked with a Florida property to get the biggest bang for their buck when they renovated their somewhat outdated and, frankly, dull fitness center. “Take a Look” is a new feature of our Blog/Insights and we’ll spotlight some of them here in the Newsletter.

Visit our website when you’re looking for ideas, or you just want to see what other property’s amenities look like. We hope they give you ideas and action items for your fitness space. Click here to go directly to the Heartline website’s Insights page and look at the full case study for this property. It’s a quick read – 2 minutes with great photos. Unique lighting and flooring here make a HUGE impact. (That lighting was from the owners; otherwise it would have busted their budge, so they really lucked out in our opinion!)

Some highlights:

  • Outdated gym space — New owners wanted to upgrade to reflect the lifestyle they are offering.
  • Most of the appeal comes from a good mix of functional and traditional workout space and equipment.
  • Virtual Fitness space and subscriptions — we found a way for them to eliminate the hassle of monthly payments that often discourage properties from adopting this hugely popular fitness trend.
  • Even colors have a positive (or negative impact).
  • Vertical storage — space-saver and more attractive.
  • Flooring, including custom turf. (Yes, in a multi-family setting!)

See the full Case Study with many photos highlighting the exceptional spaces in this amenity fitness center. Click here to go to it in the Insights/Blog section of our website.

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