Preventive Maintenance

Protect Your Investment

A Heartline Fitness technician repairs a treadmill during a Preventive Maintenance session.

Why protect your gym with Preventive Maintenance?

Would you buy a car without getting regular oil changes or service? Buying and installing gym equipment for your fitness center is no different.

Most manufacturers require preventive maintenance (PM) to validate your equipment’s warranty. Our maintenance team are exclusively certified technicians, ensuring your equipment operates consistently while reducing downtime to ensure the maximum return on your investment.
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Here’s the Heartline Fitness Difference

  • 40+ years of experience
  • Parts in stock for all major brands
  • Fast, reliable response times
  • In-house sales and service
  • Complimentary fitness center assessments
  • Discounted service for multiple properties included

See what Preventive Maintenance can do for your fitness equipment

Choose the plan that’s right for your space and budget

Preventive Maintenance pricing tiers
Disinfect & Protect

Disinfect & Protect

Our special antimicrobial service add-on

Most conventional cleaners can damage your gym equipment’s surfaces and computer parts. But Disinfect & Protect reduces the spread of pathogens between disinfection processes. This protects your gym for months at a time from harmful surface pathogens like:
  • Staphylococcus (staph) infections
  • MRSA
  • Rotavirus
  • Influenza Type A2
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Heartline Fitness is simply one of the best and easiest ongoing vendor experiences I have had in my many years in community management.

Chuck Braun
Community Manager, FirstService Residential

The hidden cost of ownership

A chart explaining how much it costs to not have preventive maintenance.
The cost of ownership of equipment, with and without regular maintenance. Preventative maintenance pays for itself, and ensures you don’t have equipment sitting around waiting for repairs. *Data based on the cost of a treadmill.

Let Heartline Fitness keep your equipment in premium shape with a Preventive Maintenance plan

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