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Optimize Your Wellness Amenities

Enhance your fitness center, training studio or active exercise area with modern wellness amenities that empower your mind, your body and your bottom line.

It may be the perfect time for a major fitness renovation and incorporating wellness solutions at your fitness center, destination spa or training facilities.  Amenity fitness centers mean big business and customer satisfaction.
Wellness amenities such as massage service or co-ed locker rooms means big, big business these days – and contributes to customer satisfaction.
Advances in mind-body wellness and health technologies are exploding. The Global Wellness Institute, stats and active participation levels have created to $3.7 trillion in health and wellness market, which is 3.4 times larger than the worldwide pharmaceutical industry.
Builders and property managers, take note: The Wellness Institute just released “Build Well To Live Well,” the first research to deeply analyze the global and regional wellness of¬†lifestyle real estate and communities markets.

Download the Global Wellness Institute report here.

The design, creation and development of wellness amenities in residential real estate is growing fast, at a 6 percent increase over a 2015. Consumer demand for healthy homes is outstripping supply.
There are more yoga studios and day spas opening up in this decade than at any time before. They now offer chiropractic treatments, relaxation pods, massage therapies, a full salon and spa services.

Exercise? Part of a Bigger Wellness Trend

Consistent healthy exercise, better sleep and more balanced eating and additional leisure activities all of that pulled together equals wellness. Sure there’s a lot more to it, but it all starts with exercise and consistent wellness practices as the catalyst, the mindset change you must commit to that progressively leads to continued wellness.

Fighting disease and boosting immunity with moderate regular exercise has been enhancing longevity and wellness for centuries. With more experienced spa goers and a country filled with active and aging Baby Boomers, wellness amenities and excellent fitness programming are among the most effective routes to the elusive fountain of youth.

A successful health and wellness facility will accommodate the serious athlete and the casual recreational user, a day spa novice and the steam room aficionado. Individual activities may be self-guided or conducted under the supervision of an expert. But they are all designed to help you get fit, lower stress, improve your wellness and learn new skills – like rock climbing or reflexology.

Wellness Amenities May Include:

  • Wellness assessment areas
  • Massage service
  • Trendy fitness programming
  • Physical therapy studio
  • Gender-specific exercise areas
  • Dedicated lap pool
  • Spin aquatics
  • Indoor/outdoor running tracks
  • Sauna and steam facilities
  • Hot and cold plunge pools

After your install, we will continue to invest in your fitness space with service, support and preventive maintenance. We offer up to $7 million of insurance coverage, as well as space activation strategies that engage your community.
Contact Heartline Fitness Systems for a Site Assessment today and we will provide unique options that fit your facility goals and your budget.

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