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Star Trac Coach Training System

The Star Trac Coach(TM) is an innovative software program that leads the exerciser through over 1 million possible workouts through a one-on-one virtual experience. 
The Star Trac Coach(TM) is a personalized treadmill workout led by a professional master trainer.   Whether you’re a competitive runner or a daily walker, it helps you maximize your treadmill workout.
Over 1 million possible workouts ensure a different workout every time.   With the push of a few simple buttons, runners and walkers can create a treadmill workout with varying intensity, terrain and endurance levels sure to provide an efficient, effective and encouraging workout.   To further enhance the user experience, the Star Trac Coach allows users to select their own background music from their iPod(R), a USB stick or the built-in sound track.   This revolutionary technology is exclusively available on Star Trac’s E Series Embedded screen treadmills.   The Star Trac Coach takes the ordinary treadmill experience to a new level of engagement never seen before.

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