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Star Trac Max Rack(R)

The Max Rack(R) by Star Trac is truly one of the most unique specialty racks available today….
The Star Trac Max Rack(R) bridges the gap between the safety of a Smith machine and the freedom of Olympic bar weight training.  The unique patented design allows the Olympic bar to travel up and down as well as forward and back while maintaining the side-to-side (lateral) stability of a traditional Smith machine.   The unique forward and back feature allows the user to move in two planes creating the opportunity for dynamic exercises like lunges or movements that require an arch through range of motion.

Key Features

  1. Patented technology provides simultaneous bar movement both vertically and horizontally.
  2. Unique design provides the safety of a Smith Machine with the exercise diversity of a Power Rack.
  3. Multiple bar rack safety catches offer forward, rear and lower racking for enhanced safety.
  4. Intuitive user placards featuring 20 detailed exercise explanations are conveniently located within the unit.
  5. Walk-through front design allows for the use of multiple benches.
  6. Complete Olympic plate storage.
  7. Integrated multi-grip pull-up station.
  8. 500 lb. (227kg) max load capacity.

For more information about Star Trac’s Max Rack(R) and other innovative products from Star Trac, please contact Heartline at 800-262-3348.

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