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Crystal Capone — Carolinas

[email protected]
With Heartline Fitness since 2020

About Me

As many young 20-somethings can be, I wasn’t always sure of where I was going to land and what would feed my soul. But I did know that it was always important that I took care of my own health first. My love for cycling finds me on beautiful country roads, along beaches, and at the top of mountains.

I also knew that I lived for my job as a health and physical education teacher, because I had the opportunity to better someone’s life and bring new information and ways of thinking every day. The joy of watching children see and experience things for the first time is hard to replicate.

With Heartline Fitness I’ve taken my purpose and expanded it to support the needs of every customer I serve. The opportunity to share my knowledge and work closely with so many different businesses still allows me to be an educator on a grander scale. Seeing people’s faces when they use our equipment for the first time still excites me.

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