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Jeff Shipman — President & CEO

[email protected]
With Heartline Fitness since 2008

About Me

As President & CEO, I have responsibility for business growth, but it is my business vision that fuels this growth. After owning, operating and designing some of the finest gyms in this country, none of that is important if the assets aren’t widely used and enjoyed by the people who inhabit them. My job is about assembling the most talented fitness professionals and developing their talent for engagement.

If we want to be highly successful, then we must be known as the people who activate the gym experience, through exceptional interpersonal relationships that make each fitness facility one that works for every individual need. Gyms should not only serve fitness enthusiasts. Fitness facilities must be designed and installed with the right equipment and amenities so they serve the complete needs of a community. It is my job to make sure we do more — creating an experience for a community that results in people flocking to a fitness facility because they want to, not just because they need to.

My professional career has been strongly influenced by my education. Upon completion of my Undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology and Cardio/Pulmonary Rehab, I moved into commercial sales, launching a new sales division in the Metro DC region. My primary role was selling fitness equipment to clients managing multi-family communities. I quickly gained an appreciation for designing and consulting on spaces that provided an optimal fitness and wellness experience for an entire community. After 10 years in commercial sales, I shifted my focus to the consumer experience side, managing a large network of retail locations. This retail experience, in combination with the commercial sales experience truly served to uncover the glaring gaps between well outfitted fitness facilities and the actual utilization of those facilities.

Clearly, more needed to be done to engage people with their health and fitness needs. Heartline Fitness is where my passion now lies. Our vision is to be best in class, delivering exceptional experiences through our curated fitness solutions.

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