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Matt Silver, New Jersey Regional Sales Manager

Matt Silver — New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware

[email protected]
With Heartline Fitness since 2017

About Me

Being an athlete and an avid bodybuilder, I have been fortunate to cultivate a 20-plus year career in the fitness industry. It started with humble beginnings as a porter at my local health club for the free membership. That’s when I got my certifications and shadowed the best of my colleagues and excelled as the first Level 4 Trainer in Connecticut.

I was looking to leave the day-to-day health clubs, so I started consulting for gyms and Personal Training companies where I could add value.

In my quest for a permanent home, I found Heartline Fitness to be an amazing fit with my background as a trainer and fitness professional. Since 2017 I have been designing multi-family fitness centers with amazing clients. I’m blessed to be where I am, serving hundreds of service agreements. I still do consulting to this day, so let’s talk soon!

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