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Top 5 Virtual Fitness Solutions

During the COVID-19 pandemic, regular exercise can help establish a sense of normalcy for those who are used to having a workout regimen. Sure, there are tips all over for how to make-do at home, but many will want more.

Even if your fitness center/gym is open, some of your residents are still uncomfortable coming into the space and are uncertain how their workout needs to change. And if you’re still closed, especially if not mandated by your local government, you’ll want to help them figure it out and do what you can to facilitate workouts.

So here are the top five areas of virtual fitness solutions you can share with your residents/users. They can do them at home or perhaps you can organize small group exercise times in an open area with online access.

1. Fitness apps: My Fitness Pal, Swork It (rated best for beginners), FitOn, Zombies Run!

2. Fitness subscriptions: Peloton, FitBit (premium), ClassPass, Pure Barre on Demand

3. Free online classes: YouTube, PopSugar Fitness, BeFit

4. Wellness apps/online: Headspace, 3 Sages, Meditopia, WakeOut

5. Let’s not forget Apple. Apple phones and watches will soon have a virtual fitness offering Apple Fitness + and the word is this will change the landscape of virtual fitness with workouts how and where you want them.

The examples listed are among the top-rated programs from a variety of health/fitness sources as researched by Heartline experts.

At Heartline, we recommend mixing your routine up to include some or all of the following: cardio, weight/resistance training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga, bodyweight exercise, and restorative modalities.

If you find a great fitness solution for your property/facility, share it with Heartline. Email us at [email protected].

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